Peterborough Cathedral

August 2012 - February 2013

This has been a busy period for the Cathedral ringers with the ringing for special services during Advent and Christmas.  We coped well.  We have 30+ people in the Cathedral Company, many of whom have another home tower as well.  So we are always pleased to welcome visitors and have had Evensong ringing by the Daventry, Peterborough, and Wellingborough branches, and by ringers from the Wimbledon area.

We try and ring two quarter peals a month which over this period have been Plain Bob Royal and Surprise Major, usually with a developmental theme.

On practice night (Monday) we ring Yorkshire S Royal, and Grandsire Caters/Cinques, and sometimes Stedman Cinques and we try London S Royal.

As the mother church of the Diocese it is sometimes a bit lonely here on an outer edge; we wouldn't be offended to see people from across the diocese from time to time.

Robin Rogers