St John's, Peterborough

August 2012 - February 2013

Within the latter half of 2012 an attempt was made to restore the Carillon to working order that has not been performing for approximately 10 years.  All went well and it worked over and over and over again as the switch to stop it was not functioning correctly, therefore, in order to conclude the event, we are still waiting for a switch to be made and look forward to it in 2013.

Congratulations go to Colin Weld our Steeple Keeper and Carole who married in Venice on 9th November.

We have had several visitors and guest bands on week days, Sundays and practice nights. It has been delightful to have a few extra hands to enhance our ringing which created useful variation.

On March 15th we will be ringing the annual quarter peal for Matthew Wyldbore day. This year it has been decided to ring Grandsire Triples in collusion with the central towers from Peterborough making it a combined Peterborough event with Robin Rogers, Ringing Master from the Cathedral as captain. The ringers include the tower captains from St John's, St Mary's and St John the Baptist in Stanground plus other St John Peterborough ringing members. The intent is to let the people of Peterborough know more about bell ringing and encourage new recruits so we are targeting BBC Cambridge and the Peterborough Telegraph. No pressure there then!

On the whole we have had a very successful year of Sunday ringing starting 10:20am and at our practice nights on the 2nd Wednesday of the month which everyone is welcome to. Please see our website for more information