Branch News August 2013

The last six months have provided plenty of work for our new secretary and ringing master who have ensured that all the active towers in the branch have had at least one visit to keep them in touch with what is happening within the branch.

The monthly eight bell practices at St Kyneburgha’s, Castor have continued to be well attended and have provided an excellent opportunity for those of us who normally only ring on five or six to improve and widen our skills.  The introduction of one or two special methods have given us all something to work on.

In May we held another “Ring for your Supper” beginning at Warmington, who provided the starter.  This was a particular pleasure as there has been no ringing at this tower for a few years but a new band has been formed and is being well supported by branch members (see Warmington’s entry).  We then moved to Easton on the Hill for the main course.  This is another tower which had been on the fringes of branch activity but is now showing renewed enthusiasm.  Finally we ate our deserts at King’s Cliffe and sampled the newly rehung bells.  Many thanks to everyone who was involved in running this highly enjoyable afternoon and evening.

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Geoff Davis of St Mary’s, Peterborough who will be greatly missed by his tower, the Ringing School and at branch activities where his hearty voice and good humour always cheered proceedings.