Nassington News August 2013

We still have an ongoing situation with our bell frame which needs work carried out and the re-tuning of the 2nd and 3rd bells.  However, we have been given the OK to carry on ringing so that is good.  We are also hoping that we might be able to install a sixth bell but no decisions have yet been arrived at as to when the work will be carried out or the cost.


We had a big important service on the 28th July for the induction of our new priest, Michael Mathews.


We had 6 ringers attending from Bourne, Cambridgeshire where Michael was leaving to join our parish.  A week before the service, panic stations prevailed.  The clapper on our treble bell decided to give up the ghost and virtually froze up.  With the help of the branch steward we dropped out the clapper but try as we might, we couldn't loosen it and it was still very stiff.  However, two of our ringers kindly took it to Taylor's at Loughborough who fixed it while they waited.  We reinstalled the clapper and I'm pleased to say everything was fine for the service and the ringing was very good.


Our practice night is the 1st, 3rd and 5th Mondays of each month alternating with Kings Cliffe.  We would appreciate anyone who would like to join us but please contact me before hand to make sure we have enough ringers to practice


Keith Underwood