Warmington News August 2013

After several years of silence, apart from occasional visits by visiting ringers, the bells of Warmington are busy again.  The old tradition of Friday night practices was revived in April under the leadership of Alex Dyer.  We recruited four local learners and with the help of a dedicated team of teachers we commenced building a local band.  However, three of our learners soon decided ringing was not for them and then, just as it looked as if our efforts might not be sustainable, we were suddenly joined in July by TEN new learners from neighbouring Elton.  The ringing room has become a very hectic and noisy place!  It may be some time before we have a functioning team but meanwhile the learning process has been an enjoyable and laughter filled process.  I would like to thank all the people who have supported us and who have taught with such patience and good humour, notably Alex, John, Yvette, Nick and Elaine, and all the others who have been drafted in to help us out and apologise if I have not named you all.  Your help and enthusiasm is very much appreciated.

Sylvia Upex

After a period of inactivity, St Mary’s is now ringing regularly on a Friday* night.  This is due in the main to the efforts of Sylvia Upex who lives in the village and is a recent learner who attends the Ringing School at Castor on a Saturday morning.  She was keen to ring in her own tower and help recruit a local band that could be trained to ring the bells.  I was happy to assist with this and am grateful to John Riley, Yvette Halewood, Nick Elks, and Elaine Wilkinson who have regularly helped on a Friday night.  There are about 10 learners who are currently attending on a Friday night from a number of nearby villages.

St Mary’s was pleased to host the starter course at the recent ‘Ring for your Supper’ Branch event.

*Practice on Fridays 7.30-9.00pm except the first Friday in the Month.

Alex Dyer, Branch Steward