August 2013 - February 2014

At the end of November twelve of our regular ringers met in Blatherwycke for drinks and then moved on to the Queen’s Head in Bulwick for their annual tower dinner, always a riotous occasion.  A taxi was booked to take the Weldon contingent home but was one seat short.  I wonder who walked?  Prior to Christmas we celebrated our Tower Captain’s birthday in fine style, the pork pie was a sight to behold and tasted even better!  Then came New Year’s Eve when we all met up again in Weldon to enjoy a right royal repast courtesy of Sue and Derek.

Despite all this eating we do manage some ringing and produced a creditable show for all the Christmas services.  Our practices continue to be well attended with a regular 12 and often a crowd of 15 which can be a tight squeeze in the winter months.  Our range is quite wide with Spliced Surprise being achieved not infrequently.  Mr Keck has worked hard to increase our repertoire of plain minor methods with Frodsham and Single Burton Penwardine to name but two and Mr Jones has recently introduced us to King Edward and Netherseale(is this a double glazing company or a form of incontinence device?).

Pat Teall