August 2013 - February 2014

There was great excitement in Warmington tower on December 22nd when all of the new ringers who have been learning here joined forces with their teachers and visiting friends to ring for the village Carol Service, our very first ringing occasion as a team.  Alex calmly organised the numerous people crowding the tower so that every single one of us, including all the novices, had an enjoyable time ringing.  We were complimented by the large congregation, many of whom said how good it was to hear the Warmington bells ring out once more

After a fund raising effort in September we managed to get together enough money to buy a new set of ropes and these were put up in January by John and Yvette.  We hope they may improve our ringing.-.eventually.

Ringing continues on Friday evenings and we are all very grateful for the support we are given by Alex, John, Yvette, Nick and Elaine who have been patiently teaching and encouraging us.

Sylvia Upex