Branch News August 2014

In April our Ringing Master organised a striking workshop at Bulwick.  The afternoon began with a theory session then the students were divided into two groups.  One group went to the bells for practical instruction with six experts giving each student the opportunity of ringing rounds and then a method of their choice with a crack band and an expert beside them to correct any faults as they occurred.  The other group retired to the Chancel with an ipod and James to listen to ringing on varying numbers of bells with deliberate mistakes which they had to identify.  The afternoon concluded with tea and chat plus a huge vote of thanks to the experts who made it all possible.

May saw another Ring for your Supper, this time visiting Benefield, Oundle and Polebrook.  As usual it was a well attended event with a wide variety of ringing on bells which were unfamiliar to many.  The food was excellent and plentiful and the company stimulating.  As the ringing came to an end at Polebrook the rope on the second cascaded to the floor leaving the Branch Steward with a job to put things back to rights before a wedding later in the week!

The eight bell practices at Castor on the first Friday of each month have continued to be well attended and have attracted learners ringing rounds to spliced surprise experts.  In May and August the practice became a six bell practise at Easton and Glinton to encourage the bands there and to give an opportunity for those who found eight bells somewhat daunting.

We rounded off the summer with a branch ringing outing to a selection of six and eight bell towers in Leicestershire with an excellent pub lunch part way through.  The weather was good and the scenery around the five villages was spectacular so the day held much promise.  Everyone agreed at the end of the day that the bells had exceeded expectations and the churches had all proved to be particularly interesting.