Peterborough Cathedral August 2014

We have rung seven quarter peals for Evensong since March, generally trying to keep the ringing simple and good.  These were mainly Plain Bob from triples to cinques with one Grandsire Caters and one of Rutland Surprise Major.  We were pleased to organise and ring a very good quarter peal of Plain Bob Cinques for Mike Harvey (Weedon Bec), his first on 12 bells.

We always try to ring quarters for Cathedral special occasions and recently succeeded for the Ordination of Priests, St Peter's Day Evensong and the Installation of the new Mayor. We rang a quarter for Soundscape, an event about the sounds of the Cathedral.

It was particularly pleasant for the Bells Master to welcome Alan Cozens (Roade) with his party to ring for Evensong as he was very much instrumental in teaching Robin method ringing over 50 years ago; it is thought that he did a good job!  The Ely Diocesan Association also rang a quarter peal (Stedman Triples) for Sunday Evensong.

We also welcomed Michael and Jane Spencer (Somerset) to a practice night; they were former ringers at St Mary's Peterborough.  Pauline Champion and party on tour also joined us on a practice night.

One Monday we transferred our practice to St Mary's where special method Glasgow was successfully rung with several "firsts" achieved.

We rang all 12 bells for two weddings, one mid-week.

We extend a warm welcome to you all across the Guild, please come and ring your bells here when you can.

Robin Rogers