Peterborough St. John’s August 2014

Sunday service ringing continues to draw in regular ringers from various parts of the city and beyond.

Our monthly practice (2nd Wednesday) also continues to be well attended and everyone present has the opportunity of a good ring which stretches them in one way or another. We are mostly ringing Plain Hunt, Plain Bob, Little Bob, Grandsire and Stedman, in all stages from doubles through minor, triples and major. We also occasionally get to ring surprise as well, dependant on who turns up.

The monthly quarter peals are also proving to be a good opportunity for our ringers to progress, be it getting to grips with a new or more advanced method, or just consolidating on recently acquired abilities. July’s quarter peal was dedicated to the birth of Graham and Catherine Hill’s first child Briony Charlotte.

Earlier in the year we lost a clapper from the treble. Colin Weld, our Steeple Keeper, did a fantastic job of getting a replacement from Taylors within a couple of days, just in time for the planned quarter peal of Yorkshire Major later that week.

Peterborough City Council recently put on a whole evening of events in Cathedral Square to mark the anniversary of the start of WW1. We had the honour of providing the finishing touch to the events, the tolling of St John’s half-muffled tenor at 11pm providing a most atmospheric finale to the evening.

Nick Elks - Tower Captain