Peterborough, St. Mary August 2014

It has been a relatively quiet few months in and out of the tower at St Mary’s.  Back in the spring we had a quarter peal of St Clements Major to mark Gillian Christie’s 50th birthday followed by a surprise party.  We rang a quarter peal to welcome Lady Victoria Leatham, who gave a very entertaining talk entitled ‘Burghley through the ages.’  At the end of May Alex Dyer, our Ringing Master, arranged an entertaining outing in and around Norwich.  Norwich itself has at least one church for every week of the year and similarly it used to have a pub for every day of the year.  Some ringers stopped over to sample but a few!

Tony Evans organised two outings to Tolethorpe this year.  One was to see Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass when some of us sampled the very good Tolethorpe supper.  The other was to see TheTaming of the Shrew when we all had our usual picnic.

Ahead of practice night on 17th July we rang a quarter peal to mark the anniversary of Geoff Davis’ sudden death.  The tower and the pub are a lot quieter without him and we realise how much we miss this Peterborian character.

On 9th August we rang a peal of 12 Doubles methods, with local ringers, which was Tom Stevenson’s first peal.  He accomplished this with ease and confidence and has recently clocked up his 25th quarter peal.

What next?  Our annual visit to the Peterborough Beer Festival and a hook up with the Bulwick ringers to savour a few beers!!!

St Mary’s has slots available for peals.  Please get in touch if you would like to bring a band and Alex is also looking to schedule in regular peals in addition to quarters.  The best slot is either Saturday mornings or afternoons (

Andrew Christie