Bulwick August 2014

We were pleased to be asked to host the branch striking workshop in April.  It proved to be a very worthwhile event and a good social time as well.

We have been very grateful over the summer months for all the visitors who join our practices.  Almost every week one or more of our local couples have been away on holiday but our quality and range of ringing has been maintained throughout.  A number of new methods have been added to our repertoire including King Edward, Carlisle, Stamford, Yaxley, Hedwardine and St. Nicholas.  We have taken advantage of our ringing Master’s absence on a couple of occasions to ring Stedman.

The start of WW1 was commemorated by a special service on August 4th which began with the tolling of 100 strokes on a muffled bell.

Work is due to start shortly on repairs to the church clock.  This encouraged us to tackle a long overdue spring clean in the belfry and the clock chamber removing the twigs which the birds had kindly brought and the millions of spiders webs which bound them to the bells.  I don’t think our labours made much difference to the feel of the bells but the cleaning of the sallies and tail ends certainly made handling them more pleasant.

The reward for all this hard labour was the annual outing to the beer festival - no ringing but plenty of exercise to strengthen the arms!  I am told that the ladies polished of four bottles of wine and still were able to visit the shoulder of mutton on the way home!

Pat Teall