Warmington August 2014

In April the Warmington band celebrated a year since they started ringing and went out for an anniversary dinner at the village pub.  We have now been joined by several new ringers, both beginners and those with some experience, and now have very varied practice evenings which cater for all abilities.  Our band of learners have made really good progress and can now all ring rounds and plain hunt.

It was a nerve wracking moment when the learners, minus (for the first ever time) any of our experts, got together recently for a Sunday morning ring.  However we managed some good rounds and were told by the congregation that it was good to hear the bells ringing again on a Sunday after many years of silence.

In July we decided to have a "summer evening away from home" and the entire team went to the beautiful little church at Stoke Doyle where we spent a very enjoyable time ringing their lovely newly  refurbished bells on a perfectly still and warm summer night.

On September 4th we rang half muffled for a special commemoration service in remembrance of the outbreak of WW1.

John and Alex have done some work on the bells so ringing seems easier now.

Many thanks to Alex, John, Yvette, Elaine and Nick for all the support they have given us at Warmington.  We really appreciate all the help you give us.

Sylvia Upex