Castor Ringing School



Experienced members of the Peterborough Branch teach at a CCCBR recognised Ringing School at St Kyneburgha's Church, Castor from 10:00am to 12:00 noon on most Saturday mornings of the year.  Here aspiring bell ringers can learn to handle a bell from scratch and then move on to learn to ring:

  • Rounds and 'Kaleidoscope' Changes
  • Plain Hunt Doubles
  • Plain Bob Doubles
  • Grandsire
  • Plain Bob Minor

Learners 'graduate' when they have rung a Quarter Peal on a working bell at which point they are invited to continue to attend, but as Helpers!

Once they progress to Plain Hunt and above, learners are placed on a bell one at a time with a Tutor alongside them and surrounded by a band of experienced ringers. This ensures that every turn is a ‘prime turn’. When not ringing themselves they are encouraged to stand behind an experienced ringer as much can be learnt from observation.

At the centre of the Ringing School’s approach to teaching is the understanding that no one gets anything wrong on purpose. Whether it be an aspect of handling, ringing a method or accurate striking, if one of our learners does not yet have the necessary skill to get it right, our task is to help them acquire that skill so that they can, no matter how long that might take. In pursuit of this task we promise to keep our advice constructive and supportive and never to be impatient or derogatory in either tone or manner.

For further information please contact the Head Tutor David Teall or any other member of the Committee.



Some of the materials used at the Ringing School are attached below. The files are available to view on line in PDF Format or download onto your own computer. To view PDF files you must have a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Other books and materials are available from the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and from the Association of Ringing Teachers.

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