The activities of the Branch are organised by the Branch Committee, details of whom are given below:

Branch Officers for 2018

Chairman Alex Dyer john.a.dyer @
Ringing Master Hilary Hardie hilary.hardie @
Secretary Sylvia Upex sylviaupex @
Treasurer Angela Whiteway angelonhorseback @
Steward Nick Elks nick.elks @
Press Correspondent Terry Wright terry62.wright @
Guild Management Rep Nick Elks nick.elks @
Committee Member Andrew Christie bells @
Committee Member James Thorpe jfthorpe @
Committee Member

Note: Please remove the spaces before and after the @ in the email addresses: they have been added to reduce the possibility of them being used for spam.

You can also make contact by completing the form below. The form will be delivered to the Secretary who will forward it if necessary.