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This page shows posts sent out by Branch Committee Members and Tower Captains giving information about Events in the Peterborough Branch or requesting help.

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Central Council AGM

Dear all,
Have been trying to get this published for a few days now – unfortunately some key people were away, and others ill…..
Keeping you (and other members of the Guild) informed as to how the Central Council AGM went last weekend (27th/28th May 2018)…
For anyone who is interested, the new Central Council rules were passed with a large majority – 137 for the motion, 8 against, 10 abstentions and seven non-votes, despite an attempt by certain longstanding members to have further ‘consultation’ and delay the decision until at least next September. The 15 committees now have been merged into 5 Working Groups (they have not been abolished as some people have been saying) and these workgroups are open to anyone to serve on them, not just CC reps.
Four new executives were elected to join the current four who, by default (current senior officers), are on the initial tranche of the executive. We now have eight Executive Officers, Five Workgroups, and new flexible rules which should enable the Central Council to be more responsive to current needs. 
It is now possible to make a contribution to the work of the Central Council by participating with the Workgroups – if you have a particular skill and time to apply it, they would welcome your input. This was previously only done by CC Reps who did not necessarily have the appropriate skills required.
Please allow a few days for the Central Council website to be updated, and I will give a fuller account of the proceedings and an analysis of what this means for the future at the PDG AGM on June 9th.
Nick Elks

8 Bell Practice Friday 1 June – Cancelled

I have received a large number of apologies for the 8 bell practice on 1 June, as many people are away this week. As I don’t think I will have enough experienced ringers to run the practice, I have decided to cancel it.  The next practice will be on Friday 6 July.


Hilary Hardie

Ringing Master

Ringing at the Cathedral June 10 – cancelled

Unfortunately the proposed ringing at the Cathedral for Evensong on 10 June has had to be cancelled.  There will be 900 fairies dancing in the precincts and there needs to be loud speaker communication for this World Record Attempt for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Fairies in One Place.

I will let you know when an alternative date is agreed.

Hilary Hardie

WordPress Usernames

Since the new PetNet went live six weeks ago I have received occasional reports of confusion caused by the difficulty of identifying the author of some of the posts.  This is because, by default, WordPress gives only the Username of the author and some of you have some intriguing Usernames that are not easily associated with the person we know and love.

There are two possible solutions to this problem:

1.  Sign in and then go to:  Change the entry labelled ‘Public Display Name’ from your Username (the default setting) to your actual name. This is the preferred action.

2. If you do not wish to make the above change, for whatever reason, please be sure to sign each and every post with your full name.

With my grateful thanks for your co-operation.

David Teall

Guild AGM

Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers.
Annual General Meeting – Saturday June 9th2018.
Afternoon Ringing:-
Ringstead (6) & Islip (6)         2.30-3.30pm.
Thrapston (8)    3.30-4.30pm.
Service at 4.30pm followed by tea in the Church Hall prior to the meeting.

Names for tea to : by Wednesday June 6th

Evening Ringing: Wadenhoe (6) until approximately 9.00pm.