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AGM Minutes

It was very good to see so many of you yesterday at our virtual AGM. I do hope it won’t be too much longer until we can actually meet in person. This current lockdown combined with rather terrible weather seems interminable to me and probably to many of you too.

If you would like to read the minutes of the meeting, or if you weren’t at the meeting but would like to know who is on the new committee, please do have a look in the downloads section of the branch website

where you can find the minutes.

all best wishes


(retiring branch secretary)

2021 Subscriptions

Thank you to everyone who has enquired about payment of 2021 subs.

The ongoing covid restrictions are causing some difficulty in making arrangements for payment of subs. The new Treasurer is looking at ways to enable secure electronic payment.

Further information will be provided as soon as possible. Watch this space!

Angela (Retiring Treasurer)

AGM information

Don’t forget the Branch AGM is tomorrow 16th January at 2pm. If you would like to attend please contact Hilary in order to receive your ZOOM log in invitation. You can contact her on

All the AGM documents ( annual report, accounts, minutes of the last AGM) can now accessed in the downloads section of the Branch website.

This year we have a shortened and simplified meeting and the short agenda is on my previous post. Items for AOB are welcome. Please send them to me at

Hoping to “see” you tomorrow.


AGM 16/1/2021 – Accounts

The accounts for approval at the AGM can be seen in the downloads section of the website:

The accounts though somewhat light in content due to the lack of events taking place during this very difficult year, should be self explanatory, however I will answer any questions at the AGM.

I very much hope that things will improve sufficiently in 2021 to allow ringing to resume, and that members will be able to get together again.

Best wishes to you all.

Angela Whiteway


Agenda for AGM

Just a reminder that the AGM will be held on Saturday January 16th at 2pm

If you would like to attend the AGM please contact Hilary to receive your Zoom invitation and log in. You can contact her on

Please note that there is an AOB section on the agenda but if you know you are going to raise a subject in this part of the meeting it would be really helpful if you let us know first so we can allow time for this. Please send your AOB subject/question to me

prior to the meeting.

Many thanks


Peterborough Branch of the Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

Agenda for AGM to be held January 16th 2021 at 2pm via ZOOM

  1. Welcome from the Chairman
  • Annual report from the ringing master
  • Approval of accounts for 2020
  • Election of new members
  • Discussion and planning of events for 2021
  • Election of Branch officers:


               Ringing master

               Events organiser




                Press correspondent

                Guild management committee representative

                Committee members ( up to 3)

                100 club organiser

                Examiner of accounts

  • Any other business

First Guild Update of 2021

Firstly, let me wish you a happy new year and hope that 2021 is an improvement on 2020. I’m not sure it could be worse, but that strikes me as tempting fate, so I won’t be saying that, clearly! Hopefully we’ll be able to keep in touch and keep our spirits up through the darker months of the year. 

Guild Updates

We’re aware that there are Ringing Room sessions going on in towers and some branches, as well as across the wider ringing community. If there is anyone who would like to move on to surprise minor or major methods (for example) or to try quarters, the Guild can work to put like-minded people in touch and arrange sessions. If you’re looking to move on and need some support to do so, get in touch with the Master or Secretary to express your interest. E-mail or

The PDG 12 days of Christmas

Over the holiday’s the Guild Secretary has been rather generous and sent everyone a full 12 days of ringing related presents. Enjoy!

. On the First day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … A Ringing World bumper copy. 

This year’s Christmas edition of The Ringing World is a three week bumper sized copy, featuring a number of seasonal puzzles. If you’re a Guild member, or follow the Guild’s Facebook page you can send in your completed nonogram. Right answers received by the end of January will go into the hat for a prize. 

Available online you can buy one issue :

Or you can subscribe here:

·         On the Second day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Two ringing Robots  And a pair of Firman helpers to keep Rosie & Richie on the straight & narrow. 

·         On the Third day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Three bells on Bob’s Tail ring. OK, someone may have got their carols crossed at this point.

·         On the Fourth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Four running ringers. or

The Halleleujah chorus for 4 handbell ringers – it is worth a watch. And a nice sit down after all that exertion!

·         On the Fifth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Five old bells.

I am saying nothing whatsoever about the age of the ringers. 

·         On the Sixth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… …Six-ty on thirds

Rung at Plympton St Maurice, Plymouth, Devon

·         On the Seventh day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Seven mini sallies 

Avon Ropes make ropes of all sizes, from full size tower bells to mini rings. They also make light pulls that make excellent talking points in the guests’ bathroom.

·         On the Eighth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Eight standard methods

In this case a touch of spliced surprise major.

·         On the Ninth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Nine Tailors tolling

It’s the quintessential ringing novel. And available on YouTube in 4 episodes. Episode 1:

·         On the Tenth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Ten different branches

·         On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Eleven colours twining

An especially composed touch of Stedman Cinques used as a pattern for a baby blanket square.

·         On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my Guild Secretary gave to me… … Twelve bells a-ringing

The glorious bells of Towcester being given a thorough workout by the Birmingham band.

Central Council Updates

The Central Council issued an update on its reform consultation. Changes will be afoot, it remains to be seen  what changes there will be and what impact they will have on ringing and its organisation.

The Christmas Eve edition of PM featured experiences during Covid of two ringers. It can be played through this link:

The YouTube contest to promote and find good ringing on the platform reached a conclusion. The winners of the people’s vote was announced and can be found here:

President’s Christmas blog was published just prior to Christmas.

And an article on ringing appeared in “People’s Friend”.



Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers

Branch AGM

Dear Peterborough Branch members

This year we have to hold the AGM via Zoom since we are unable to meet in person. The AGM will be held on January 16 th at 2 pm and is kindly being hosted for us by Nassington tower who hold a Zoom account.

If you would like to attend the AGM please register with Hilary who will then send you a link to the meeting. You can contact her on

We will keep the meeting brief this year but wish to include a discussion of possible future events and the return to ringing as possibly some “refresher” sessions may be needed.

I will post the agenda, the accounts and the annual report prior to the meeting in

I will be standing down from the secretary role and Angela from the treasurer role so we are hoping for people to step up and join the committee.

So I am signing off now from my final message to you as secretary. It’s been a challenging year for us all but thank you to all the lovely people who have kept in touch and my best wishes to everyone for a very much happier time in 2021.


Important information about Christmas ringing

So Christmas is nearly here, but it’s going to be somewhat different from usual and what we had hoped.

Ringing for Christmas
Unfortunately we are not necessarily going to be able to ring as much as we may have hoped over the holidays. Saturday’s announcement of Tier 4 and the reduced relaxation for Christmas in other Tiers will necessarily have an impact.

·         No ringing at all in Tier 4, even if there were services.

·         In areas that are still in Tier 2, ringing will remain permitted as per Tier 1, but only on Christmas day.
This is also as communicated to clergy in the Bishop’s latest bulletin. Not yet available online, will be posted here:
Like many, this may be my first Christmas not ringing in a very long time.

And to the more fun stuff to keep you entertained over the break.

Christmas themed puzzles
Festive Song Twister. Something a little bit seasonal to get the brain warm under your Santa hat. The numbers are the number of letters in words of the title or first lines of Christmas carols or other seasonal songs.
Get humming…
The Christmas Karaoke machine seems to be broken, it is only showing the first letters of the words. Can you work out the carol or seasonal song, all featuring bells, that it is trying to play?

Have you tried ringing carols on handbells? If not in person (it’s turning cold out there!) you can use Ringing Room.
To get you started, 4 carols that all use up to 10 bells.

Puzzle time
A selection of ringers were asked to provide the first words that came to mind when presented with some ringing terms. What ringing related item are they thinking of from this cloud of words?
Seeing everyone else has broken into the chocolate advent calendar, we have a chocolate topped letter M to introduce this week’s wordsearch. All mmmm methods, which takes your fancy?
Another set of answer smash questions. The two answers overlap, letters at the end of the first answer are the start of the second. What’s the smashed answer to each pair of clues?
Some times we all need a little love. This puzzle features those towers that might be a little less loved. They’re all towers with 3 or 4 bells or greater numbers but unringable. Show you care and get them to fit in the grid.

With bells on
There are any number of songs and carols featuring bells in the title or text. A short selection here.
Seeing half the world seems to have their Christmas lights up, I thought we’d follow suit, starting with the Carol of the Bells. Sung by St George’s Chapel Choir
Another ringing related Christmas Carol, this time it’s Ding Dong Merrily on High by Ensemble Corund. Don’t forget to take a deep breath for the Glooooooooorias!
A Christmassy song this time, it’s Jingle bells – although you’ve probably not seen it done quite like this before. Courtesy of Hey Duggee. Ah-Woof!

Leading can be a tricky skill to perfect, this article may help.…/200303.pdf
What is ropesight?

Preparation activity
With the news that we could ring over Christmas, and at closer spacing than previously, now might be the time to write or update your Covid risk assessment. Helen Allton was invited to give some advice on how to go about this task to the Truro Guild, and the talk is available here:
Link to the completed sample is here:…/R2R%20sample%20…<>

And with that I will wish you all as Merry a Christmas as you can manage and to hope that 2021 is better in many ways.


Helen Allton
Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers
telephone: 01832 735266
[PDG badge small]

Christmas ringing

Just to confirm, the change of Tiers locally does not impact on the already agreed concession to allow ringing over Christmas. 

The following can be found on the CC website, update for 16th Dec.

Christmas guidance for England is unchanged from the announcement made on 8th December.

The current guidance for ringing in Tier 1 will be adopted for towers in all three Tiers just for the five-day Christmas period – 23rdto 27th. That is to ring up to six bells, with 1m+ separation and using facemasks. The recommendation is to ring for 15 minutes but to assess your tower’s characteristics. Ventilation is key to reducing the risk of aerosol transmission. Note that bellringing guidance no longer has 72 or even a 48 hour recommended gap between sessions, but to maintain good ventilation and hand hygiene.

Review the Guidance Notes on this page to assess the risk of your own ringing chamber and for members of your band to assess their own personal risk. No doubt many ringers (especially those at special risk personally or in their family) will decide not to ring, just as many towers will lack sufficient ventilation to sufficiently mitigate risk even for this one-off occasion.

The Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer are urging us to exercise caution and to “keep Christmas celebrations small, short and local to reduce these risks.” We can do that in our ringing of bells to celebrate Christmas – small, short and local.

Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers




telephone: 01832 735266

PDG badge small

Guild update Dec 13 th

A lot of updates for you this week, so I’ll hold the puzzles over for a bumper Christmas edition next week. 

Ringing for Christmas 

While ringing while in Tiers 2 and 3 is not something that the Bishop believes is allowable, there has been an agreement with the House of Bishops Covid Recovery team that we can ring for Christmas regardless of Tier. I think that should be viewed as good news. 

The time period of the relaxation is the same for the general relaxation for Christmas, 23rd to 27th Decemberinclusive. So ringing on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and for Sunday service is all possible. 

The spacing between ringers has also been reduced to 1 metre, when ringers are wearing facemasks, taking good hand hygiene measures and remaining socially distant when accessing and leaving the ringing chamber, or when not ringing. The information is that surface contact is a lower risk than originally believed, such that periods between ringers on the same bell can be reduced from 72 hours. That, hopefully, will allow a few more towers to ring or to ring a few more bells.  

This has been communicated to the diocese and will be being sent to incumbents in the next communication from the Bishop. 

Make sure your Covid assessment is up to date, that your installation is safe and that your incumbent agrees to ringing. The Guild can assist if you need any help. 

Ringing in Tiers

Last time I shared the view of Bishop Donald, that ringing while in Tier 2 would not be permitted. The Central Council’s guidance was published later and is the same. It can be found here.

Ringing Recovery

The first in what is intended as a series of newsletter published by ART and the Central Council on how to get ringing going again, when we can, has been published. Attached & available here:

Youth Ringing

Alongside the return of schooling, there has been a move towards allowing youth groups to meet out of school settings. This will include youth ringing groups as of January 2021. There was an article published in this week’s Ringing World, and which is attached. It has not yet been published on the Central Council website. 

In very brief summary, if you have a group of under 18s, up to 6 of them can meet and ring for up to 45 minutes (including ringing up and down) with 2 additional DBS checked adults supervising (but not ringing). 

President’s Blog

Published here.

Stay well and there will be a fun packed update next week. 



Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers




telephone: 01832 735266

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