Castor Ringing School Coronavirus Precautions

Because of the number of people attending and the close proximity between Pupils and Tutors, particularly for pupils learning to handle, the Ringing School has to be considered a high-risk activity in terms of the transmission of respiratory infections including coronavirus. Until further notice the following conditions will apply to those attending or thinking of attending Castor Ringing School:

1. If, on a Saturday morning, you have any symptoms of, or even suspicions of symptoms of a respiratory infection, or you have had any symptoms of a respiratory infection during the previous 8 days, please do not attend the Ringing School on that day. The most important symptoms to be aware of are a new persistent cough or a raised temperature.

2. If you have recently travelled from a country listed on the following website, please do not attend the Ringing School until at least 14 days have elapsed.

3. If none of the above apply and you do attend the Ringing School, please use the hand gel provided on the signing-in desk before entering the ringing chamber. Please make sure you have rubbed it in very well until your hands feel dry before ringing.

4. If you start to feel unwell whilst ringing, please leave at the earliest opportunity.

The Committee will keep the situation under review and inform you of any changes to these conditions.

David Teall
Head Tutor