Ringing for Armitice

Hello all,

This message is aimed to compliment the work being completed by Hillary & Terry looking at those churches with bells and whether or not there is ringing planned for the 11th November.

We already know of towers where there is no ringing planned in the Peterborough on the day due to lack of ringers. My aim is to ensure that as many bells ring in Peterborough and the branch sound on that day. This is aimed at towers of 3 or more bells that are at least hung for chiming.

I am looking for volunteers to make bands of ringers who will commit a period of their time on the 11th to help make the Peterborough towers ring. The intention is to start straight after lunch 12.30pm (requested by the Government)  and be completed in time to ring ‘Battles Over’ at 7.05pm at our own churches.

You will appreciate that this is a mammoth task as there are many towers that do not have a band or share a band of ringers. So to make this manageable the more ringers we can get the better. If you can spare time on the afternoon of the 11th please let me know with the times you could be available. I have arranged a meeting to start planning wc 8th October so please let me know your availability by then.

There are several ringers who will not receive this e-mail. PLEASE ensure that you cascade the request to your towers.

Many thanks & regards

Elaine Wilkinson


2 thoughts on “Ringing for Armitice

  1. Elaine

    Ringing at Castor for 10 to 11 am then service also at 7 pm

    Wood Newton will probably need ringing at some time during the day.

    Can make myself available to assist wherever I would be useful.

    Speak soon.


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