News letter from the Guild

Dear all, i hope you are all keeping well and finding thingsd to occupy yourselves during this extraordinary time. At least the weather is fine and sunny which is cheering.

I received this newsletters from the Guild secretary, Helen. Thank you, Helen, for all your thoughts on ringing related activities during these non ringing days.

Best wishes all,


Message from Helen:

I’m not sure any of us were surprised by the government announcing that the restrictions are to extend for a further 3 weeks before being reviewed again. I don’t know about you, but this is easily the longest I’ve gone without ringing since I spent almost a year in the US – aged 19! I’m hoping I will still remember what to do. As ever, feel free to use some or all of this, as you see fit. Things to keep the ringing mind entertained this week include:

Church bells on Sunday, which was from St Mary the Virgin in Bathwick, Somerset. Ringing Double Norwich Court Bob Caters, which is a fun method that I’d ring more, assuming anyone else would ring it with me.

Puzzle time

Something to get you thinking. This set of questions with a connection to ringing and bells comes from Hilary Aslett. Thanks Hilary.

News from the Central Council

This week, there’s been a blog from the President and a Youtube playlist of some good ringing. Have a listen and get your ringing fix.

President’s blog:



Being aware that, for many of us, ringing formed part of our weekly exercise, a series of exercises have been put together (by my kid brother, who used to ring and is a physical trainer – that’s him in the video) that will work those bellringing muscles – and there are quite of lot of muscles that bellringing uses. This is the first in a series and is one that will warm you up and works on more of the body, rather than concentrates on any particular muscle set.

Please only work to your ability. Exercise should not actively hurt, if it does, reduce the effort, or make the exercise easier. Especially if you’re not used to this type of exercise, take it easy and build up the number of repeats and difficulty slowly

Start with arms above head and swing the arms (held comfortably straight, not locked out at the elbows) down and behind. At the same time as the arms come down, bend the knees and stick the bottom out (rather than leaning the upper body forward). The body should remain largely upright. The action is a bit like that of skiing (not that I’ve ever been skiiing!) The deeper the knee bend the more it works legs, balance and hips. A shallower knee bend will make the exercise easier on the knees.

Try to do this 10 to 20 times, and do 2-3 repeats of that set. You should be a bit out of breath at the end as well as warmed up nicely.

Video available here:

Exercise your brains

Something to tease the brain today, a wordsearch containing a number of surprise major methods beginning with the letter A. With thanks to Joanne Wilby for preparing this puzzle. Let’s hope we’re not here long enough for her to get to Z…

My final item is to share some sad news, received from Culworth branch. Marlene Phillips of Aynho died on Wednesday 15th. April at home after a long battle with Cancer. She learnt to ring in 1947  and was well enough to attend our AGM in January. Her husband Peter and Dee Thobourne  (also a ringer) looked after her with the help of the local community. There is an announcement on the News page of the guild website and an obituary will be posted.

And that’s all I have for this week. If there is anything you want more of, do let me know. And if anyone has any ideas for subject matter or contributions they’ll be gratefully received. Stay safe out there and keep in touch.


Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers




telephone: 01832 735266