V E Day

From Helen:

I’m aware that this Friday is the anniversary of VE day and that some people may want to ring to mark the occasion. Obviously the incumbent has the ultimate authority in such a request. However, in light of the government’s current COVID response measures, the Guild, the CCCBR, The Diocese of Peterborough and Bishop Donald all consider ringing to be inappropriate at this time.

If this has arisen in your branch, and it would help, please pass this message on. I’m not expecting it to have been a common occurrence.

This YouTube video, from the CCCBR, is a good explanation for non-ringers. https://youtu.be/W2Qo1wK9yNw



1 thought on “V E Day

  1. If your church is producing an online service for Sunday 10th, what you can do is approach the incumbent and ask for the service to begin and/or end with the recorded sound of bells. The service at King’s Cliffe on Sunday will begin with the only recording we have of our bells which happens to be Plain Hunt on four. Yes, it would have been nice to have had something on six, but this is our ringers ringing our bells which is particularly appropriate for the occasion.

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