Weekly Update from the Guild

Dear All

Please see Helens’s weekly letter below. There are some important items to note, changes to dates for the AGM and festival  (which I’ve amended in the events section of the Branch website although of course details are still to be finalised) and two important documents relating to Covid and Bellringing which are in the downloads section.

Its been such an age since I saw any of you but I hope you are all fine and at least enjoying the sunny weather.

All best wishes


Guild Events

I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone; the Guild has decided to postpone the Guild AGM. This was due to be held 13th June at Towcester. That is clearly not going to be possible. After discussion with branches involved, we’ll plan to hold the Guild AGM at Towcester on 19th September. The AGM is intended to start at 6pm, all other arrangements will be announced in advance, depending on the situation at the time.

The 19th September was the date of the Summer Festival. It was decided that as this is already a Guild event date, it would be better to use this for the Guild AGM, as it will already be in all your diaries. That does mean that the Summer Festival will have to move. This is provisionally planned for Welford, in the Guilsborough branch on 3rd October. I think we’ll rename it the Autumn Festival, just for this year. Again, arrangements will depend on the situation at the time.

Bell on Sunday

Bells on Sunday comes from Brailes in Warwickshire this week. The 3rd heaviest ring of six, there’s never been a peal on them. The tower has a tendency to go for a walk around the village while ringing, meaning they’re somewhat “challenging”! Which makes these call changes really quite respectable.

Exercises for the body

Exercises 8&9 this week.



Next week will see the 10th and final exercise – do let me know how you’ve found these and if you want more of them .

Central Council

The CCCBR – Central Council of Church Bell Ringers president shares his thoughts in blog number 9. What do you think? Discuss, then let him (and us) know. https://cccbr.org.uk/2020/05/12/presidents-blog-9/

Covid & Lockdown

I could end up sounding very depressing if I passed on each communication as it arrived – and you’d get fed up with me. I intend to gather anything that needs communicating into this weekly digest, unless there is anything that needs communicating more urgently. I hope that will be satisfactory for everyone.

Positive news at a difficult time.

A really good, positive article on ringing in lockdown. What are you doing to keep your band together? Consider working that into an article for the parish magazine or local newsletter.


Central Council’s COVID summary statement

After the latest government guidance and the updated information from the House of Bishops, the Central Council has issued the summary statement on ringing and chiming. This was sent out to all societies this week and has also been communicated to the diocese.

( I’ve put this articled into the Branch website. You can find it here:


Sylvia )

Central Council’s COVID discussion document from the CCCBR this week is a document discussing what are the risks to ringing from COVID. It aims to prompt discussion as to what are the risk and how can these be reasonably reduced. It may be that different ringers and towers are able to address these in different ways at different times.

(You can also find this article here:


CofE’s response to last weekend’s announcement

Available here: https://www.churchofengland.org/more/media-centre/news/statement-latest-government-guidance-coronavirus

The Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, said: “We note from the Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Strategy that churches could be open from July as part of the conditional and phased plan to begin lifting the lockdown. We look forward to the time when we are able to gather again in our church buildings.

“We are examining what steps we will need to take to do so safely and are actively planning ahead in preparation. We strongly support the Government’s approach of continuing to suppress the transmission of the virus and accordingly, we recognise that at this time public worship cannot return in the interests of public health and safety.”

And that’s me done for the week. Stay safe out there and keep in touch.


Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers

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