Guild weekly update

Well, what a difference a week makes. This time next week some of us may have been able to ring our bells for the first time in over 3 months. I’ll start with that, as everything else sort of pales into insignificance. The usual weekly bits and bobs will follow. You never know, maybe I can stop annoying you all once a week… 
Return to Ringing
The CCCBR has been working with the CofE to establish a route forward to being able to ring again. The Guild has been working up a risk assessment template and example prompts to support you in this. We hope to have those available next week.
You can read the initial announcement here:
And the full guidance can be found here: 
On Radio Northampton today you may have caught Geoff being interviewed about a return to ringing on Martin Heath’s Sunday Breakfast show. Seeing as he recorded this interview before the guidance from the CCCBR came out, he does a very good job. Starts at 3:43:46 (although the song before is that classic Africa by Toto, so starting at 3:38 is worthwhile)
Blast from the past
A set of pictures from a far off place – the 1970s. In the 50th anniversary year, the guild report contained pictures of members in each branch. There are 11 images, as in 1974, Peterborough and Oundle were separate branches. Who can you spot this time?
I have these as higher resolution scans from the 1974 report, if anyone would like one or more e-mailing to them, let me know. 
This week’s training video is to help you practice your listening skills. This is a simply presented video that allows you to rewind and check your answers.
Brain training
For quizzy Monday, I thought it was someone else’s turn to set the quiz – and the people at Loughborough Bellfoundry Trust have luckily obliged. 
Set by their trustees, I think you can say these have a bell ringing slant to them. Good luck! I have spent most of the week puzzling over the bonus question… 
Bells on Sunday
Bells on Sunday this week comes from Kingsbury in Warwickshire, ringing Scientific Triples.
CCCBR news
There’s been so much going on at the end of the week that’s it difficult to remember the week started out quite normally, with the President’s 12th blog. We get a mention this time.
Holiday idea needed? 
And now for something completely different. The Churches Conservation Trust owns and maintains a number of churches, some with bells. They also offer “champing” holidays (that’s camping in a church) at some of their sites: The CCCBR has been working with them and has a 20% off offer for ringers. 

You will likely hear from me during the week, as we provide further support to allow towers to return to ringing at the right time for their particular circumstances. Stay well and let’s see where we are in a week’s time. 
Helen Allton
Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers
telephone: 01832 735266