Guild news

Quite a lot to get through this time, so I’ll crack on.

Guild news

Reminder that the Guild AGM takes place at 6 pm next Saturday, 19th September. With the recent restriction on gatherings the decision to go virtual is looking like a sensible move! You can find the meeting papers here: and you can register here:

We do have an attendance limit of 100, so make sure you get in early… J

The Guild has also decided to postpone the deadline for the Autumn edition of the newsletter to the end of September. Make sure you get your stories of how you’ve kept your bands together in lockdown and how you’ve found returning to ringing to your branch PRO or the newsletter editor. 

Return to Ringing

The restriction on gathering to no more than 6 has been determined not to apply, in general, to churches. It is far to say that things are still being worked through. There are also the current local situations to consider. While that in Northampton seems to have improved, that in Corby & Wellingborough has not. Any bands that have bene or are planning on ringing should remain in touch with their incumbent. 

The Central Council guidance has not yet changed to allow closer distancing while ringing, although that remains under consideration. The interval between s=ringing sessions has been reduced from 72 to 48 hours. Information is updated weekly and is available here:  

Central Council news

The Central Council held its annual meeting last weekend via Zoom. The Guild’s representatives will provide an update at the AGM. The President wrote an addition blog, the view from the Captain’s chair.

There is also the regular fortnightly blog number 17.

The winner of the August YouTube contest was announced, this was judged by a non-ringer with mathematical and musical experience, which makes her remarks interesting.

September’s YouTube contest is looking for the best showcase of school or university ringing. More details can be found here:

The other item of interest is the investigation of gender in ringing. Any experiences, both positive and negative, can be shared via the webpage that has been set up. You can choose to contribute but not to publish your experiences to the website.

Training showcase

Do you know what coursing order is and how it helps in bell ringing? The attached article may help.

My favourite method is Stedman, it’s just beautiful. So let’s see if this can convert you to the cause.

Brain teasers

The wordsearch features methods beginning with H.

A crossword puzzle from a past edition of The Ringing World. Don’t let the crossword make you cross.

Stretching the brain with a word, number and logic puzzles from past editions of The Ringing World.

These are all visual clues to method names. The first one is easy, they get more, um, random from there.

We continue our series of how well do you know your Guild with three long serving ladies of the Guild.

And finally, some good news. The Kettering branch cyclists successfully completed their ride around Rutland water last weekend. It’s not too late to sponsor them for the BRF. Well done guys.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM next week. Until that’s done I will have my fingers firmly crossed that all goes to plan! 



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