Guild update

Hello everyone

Wasn’t it lovely when the sun came out this morning. Walking down to Warmington church and seeing it outlined against a deep blue sky was a very cheering sight, only bettered in the happiness stakes by having my first ring of the bells in 7 months!

I hope you are all keeping well. Helen’s update from the Guild follows.

Best wishes


Not sure who has turned winter on all of a sudden! The heating might need to go on soon. The chill in the air could almost make me pleased not to be having to attend a cold, draughty tower – almost, but not quite. 

Return to Ringing

An update on the situation with respect to ringing was published in the Ringing World this week. It can be read here:

The more towards localised risk assessment, taking into account a more rounded review of risk than simply distance between ropes, is to be welcomed. The Guild has resources to aid towers in performing and documenting a risk assessment, which can be found here:

If you’re at all uncertain, please get in touch and the Guild will do what it can to help. 

Puzzle time

These towers would all practice on a Monday, can you grab them in turn and slot them into the grid?

One for the wordsmiths and scrabble fiends. How many words (of 3 letters or more) can you make from Peterborough? What’s your highest scoring word?? The most fun word to say???

A cross word with no words this time. The answers to all the clues are numbers, and they fit into the grid as indicated.

A word puzzle for you. Can you change 1 letter, and rearrange the letters, if necessary, to make a sequence of words to convert the top word into the bottom word. There’s a worked example to get you started, hand to back in 3 moves. How many do you need to solve the other puzzles?

Training to ring

Have you ever seen an unusual apparatus in a tower and wondered what it was? Click on the link to see it in action! Maybe even see if yours can be got going safely?

An excellent video to introduce ringing in general and Ringing Room in particular.

How do you keep your concentration when ringing a touch, a quarter or a peal? Maybe this will help…..

Ringing in art and news 

1st October was national poetry month. I picked Myfanwy by John Betjeman for mentioning bells. Which is your favourite poem mentioning bells?

I’m sure a lot of us could relate to the emotion in this article.

Central Council

The President released his 19th Blog.

That’s it for this time, stay safe, keep your spirits up and we’ll be in touch again soon.


Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers




telephone: 01832 735266

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