Guild update

Good morning everyone,

As Helen says below, oh dear here we go again, back into lockdown it seems….I always find November a rather gloomy miserable month & this one looks to be the worst ever.

I hope you are all keeping well and let’s hope that as the longer days and warmer weather begin to return our lives will also start to get back to normal. I’m going out to plant lots of bulbs now in the hope that by the time they are in flower I might be seeing my family, friends and even my church bells once more.

Best wishes


Helen’s message follows:

Oh dear. Back into deeper lockdown we all go. It is not entirely a surprise that it needs to happen, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to the prospect with great joy. We need to just make sure that we’re checking in on those who may be alone or vulnerable, making sure that they know someone is there for them. One last joyful ring this morning for us. I was getting a little more used to the odd combination of bells – although I still can’t tell when it’s about to come round!  

Ringing – or lack thereof

The latest announcement from the government seems to have put an end to regular worship again, and ringing along with that. The CofE and Central Council have not yet updated their guidance pages, but I do not expect there to be anything substantially different. Obviously with Remembrance Sunday next weekend it may be that some incumbents will want a bell tolling or chiming. We request that you take all sensible precautions, if this is the case. 

Brain training

A word puzzle for you. Can you change 1 letter, and rearrange the letters, if necessary, to make a sequence of words to convert the top word into the bottom word. There’s a worked example to get you started, hand to back in 3 moves. How many do you need to solve the other puzzles?

We’re entering a timewarp; it’s Thursday night, where do you fancy going ringing? Any of these towers would have done the trick, can you get them to fit?

Ringing knowhow

How many changes can you name?

And a good looking example of a video produced to promote ringing. How would you promote ringing? Get thinking for when we can get out and put ideas into action.

Central Council updates

The President’s latest blog has been published. I wonder what the Guild’s “average” tower is.

Meet the President

Just to remind you that Daventry & Kettering branches are next up to meet the President next weekend. Starting at 6pm, you can access the sessions via the link: 

DaventrySaturday 7th November
KetteringSunday 8th November
TowcesterSaturday 14th November
ThrapstonSunday 15th November
NorthamptonSaturday 21st November
PeterboroughSunday 22nd November
GuilsboroughSaturday 28th November
RutlandSunday 29th November

If there is anything you want to see, or have enjoyed, please get back to me. Or if you have an inventive streak that has been released in lockdown, I’m always happy to receive contributions. 

All the best


Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers




telephone: 01832 735266

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