Guild update Nov 30th

Another fortnight seems to have passed us by. It seems that this year, at least, it is OK to put decorations up in November, so expect to see a bit of sparkle creeping into these updates…

Tier 2 post lockdown 2.
With the announcement earlier in the week that we will be in Tier 2 I can anticipate the next question: can we ring? I’ve been in touch with the diocesan office and the response from the Bishop is “The rule of six only applies outdoors in Tier 2. Indoor meetings (such as ringing) are not permitted”. We will just have to watch the announcements and re-evaluate should we be returned to Tier 1. If you have special circumstances, discuss directly with your incumbent.

As we have not been able to do all the fundraising we would normally do this gives us an opportunity to raise funds, to be able to throw our energies into getting ringers back onto ropes once we’re able to be back in towers.

Amazon Smile: If you already use Amazon, you probably know about Amazon Smile. This allows you to select a charity to support, and they receive 0.5% of your Amazon spend. That might not seem like a lot individually, but it soon adds up across multiple people. We have already received our first £1. Please consider supporting the Guild this way. We’re listed as “Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers”. Your data is already used by Amazon to target your adverts and encourage other people’s spending – this way you get a little something back for them using your information.
Movement for Good
We were successful with one of these campaigns in 2018 and received £1,000. That proves it can be successful and I hope we will be again; the more nominations, the greater our chances, so get clicking. Follow the link, add your details and submit to nominate us.<>

It may be that the current situation is somewhat hard to navigate. This should be easier. Can you make your way through the maze, “ringing” all of the bells as you go.

A selection of ringers were asked to provide the first words that came to mind when presented with some ringing terms. What ringing related item are they thinking of from this cloud of words?

Taking inspiration from Richard Osman’s house of games, it’s answer smash. The two answers overlap, letters at the end of the first answer are the start of the second. What’s the smashed answer to each pair of clues?

Testing your word skills this week with a word search of methods beginning with the letter L.

Ringing Training
Test your call change knowledge with this quiz from the Association of Ringing Teachers.
How do you keep track of where you are in the row? This article may help.…/uploads/2016/02/200012.pdf

Interesting items to catch up on
This is a recent post to YouTube, an evocative spoken poem to bells, sound and history. Excellent 10 minutes.

In case you missed it, Susan Calman gave bellringing try at Inverary on her Secret Scotland programme. Season 3, Episode 9. It was filmed in lockdown, so actual teaching wasn’t possible.…/season-3/episode-9

Bells and ringing featured on Martin Heath’s Radio Northampton show this morning, discussing the work going on to bells in Towcester. Check out Pt1: 2h49, Pt2: 3h39.
And the Rev Paula was able to bless the wheels before they were installed. She might not be the tallest person in the world, so it certainly puts the size of the wheels into perspective!

Central Council Updates
Planning for post pandemic ringing is being initiated at the Central council.
The winner of the October YouTube contents was announced. The final month’s topic is a film that promotes ringing in the most positive way.
And the President shared his latest Blog (although I would dispute that the car being referenced is in any way, shape or form actually a Mini – harrumph!)

I am still looking for a good Christmas photo of a church or ringing (maybe the Bell ringers decorated a Christmas tree in previous years?) with which to decorate the Guild’s Facebook page over the festive season.


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