Important information about Christmas ringing

So Christmas is nearly here, but it’s going to be somewhat different from usual and what we had hoped.

Ringing for Christmas
Unfortunately we are not necessarily going to be able to ring as much as we may have hoped over the holidays. Saturday’s announcement of Tier 4 and the reduced relaxation for Christmas in other Tiers will necessarily have an impact.

·         No ringing at all in Tier 4, even if there were services.

·         In areas that are still in Tier 2, ringing will remain permitted as per Tier 1, but only on Christmas day.
This is also as communicated to clergy in the Bishop’s latest bulletin. Not yet available online, will be posted here:
Like many, this may be my first Christmas not ringing in a very long time.

And to the more fun stuff to keep you entertained over the break.

Christmas themed puzzles
Festive Song Twister. Something a little bit seasonal to get the brain warm under your Santa hat. The numbers are the number of letters in words of the title or first lines of Christmas carols or other seasonal songs.
Get humming…
The Christmas Karaoke machine seems to be broken, it is only showing the first letters of the words. Can you work out the carol or seasonal song, all featuring bells, that it is trying to play?

Have you tried ringing carols on handbells? If not in person (it’s turning cold out there!) you can use Ringing Room.
To get you started, 4 carols that all use up to 10 bells.

Puzzle time
A selection of ringers were asked to provide the first words that came to mind when presented with some ringing terms. What ringing related item are they thinking of from this cloud of words?
Seeing everyone else has broken into the chocolate advent calendar, we have a chocolate topped letter M to introduce this week’s wordsearch. All mmmm methods, which takes your fancy?
Another set of answer smash questions. The two answers overlap, letters at the end of the first answer are the start of the second. What’s the smashed answer to each pair of clues?
Some times we all need a little love. This puzzle features those towers that might be a little less loved. They’re all towers with 3 or 4 bells or greater numbers but unringable. Show you care and get them to fit in the grid.

With bells on
There are any number of songs and carols featuring bells in the title or text. A short selection here.
Seeing half the world seems to have their Christmas lights up, I thought we’d follow suit, starting with the Carol of the Bells. Sung by St George’s Chapel Choir
Another ringing related Christmas Carol, this time it’s Ding Dong Merrily on High by Ensemble Corund. Don’t forget to take a deep breath for the Glooooooooorias!
A Christmassy song this time, it’s Jingle bells – although you’ve probably not seen it done quite like this before. Courtesy of Hey Duggee. Ah-Woof!

Leading can be a tricky skill to perfect, this article may help.…/200303.pdf
What is ropesight?

Preparation activity
With the news that we could ring over Christmas, and at closer spacing than previously, now might be the time to write or update your Covid risk assessment. Helen Allton was invited to give some advice on how to go about this task to the Truro Guild, and the talk is available here:
Link to the completed sample is here:…/R2R%20sample%20…<>

And with that I will wish you all as Merry a Christmas as you can manage and to hope that 2021 is better in many ways.


Helen Allton
Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers
telephone: 01832 735266
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