A PS to Helen Allton’s update of 14 February

Dear all,

A postscript to Helen Allton’s update of 14 February about Ringing Room. Readers might like a personal perspective. 
I am a Ringing Room regular with Nassington Tower ringers, led by Hilary Hardie and Terry Wright. We meet once a week and ring for an hour and a half.  The average number of ringers is around 9-10.  This number gives everyone a fair go at ringing during the allotted time.  
Once the early fear of Ringing Room dissipated, we mastered Plain Hunt on 5 and progressed to Bob Doubles.  Once we had tackled that, we moved on to Grandsire.  Then we moved on to Plain Hunt on 6, with a view to ringing Bob Minor – plain courses for now.  
It’s working!  We are all challenged, but it’s a tonic after being at home, locked in by Covid and, until the other day, snow!   It has been a steep learning curve and some weeks are better than others. It’s not just the ringing, but connectivity with the internet has been an intermittent issue. That said, Ringing Room is much better than no ringing.  It allows us to learn and practice methods, albeit on a computer, without having to think about bell handling in a tower.  
The big question remains: how will this translate back into a real tower and real bells? In the interim, I’ve found it very helpful.

Best wishes,

Julie Pocock