A date for your diary: Sunday 11 September 2022

Dear Ringers,

Diana Street has been busy organising a ringing event for the afternoon of Sunday 11 September, with the added bonus of a Cream Tea at The Willow Cafe, Central Park in Peterborough.      

The event, entitled “Ring for your Cream Tea”, will feature in the Petbells calendar but there is much information to relay.  Hence this Petbells bulletin. 

Here is Diana’s e-mail:

“The timings are: 
1:30-2:15pm       Yaxley (6) upstairs  toilet (3) confirmed
2:30-3pm            Stanground(6) GF  toilet       confirmed

3-15-3:45pm       Fletton (5) GF        toilet        confirmed

We will leave a donation at each tower so £3 each should cover this, please give it on the day.

Booked – non-ringing family members and friends are welcome to join us for tea at The Willow Cafe, Central Park, Peterborough – with its function room to ourselves!! – with weekend ‘free’ parking in Park Crescent (far side of the park) PE1 4DX and then walk into the park itself aiming for the centre (green grass ’roundabout’ with Weeping Willow tree) where The Willow Cafe is located.

Please advise Diana Street (email: diana_cherryfields@yahoo.co.uk) on attendance and your clear choice of menu from : The Willow Cafe menu  by Thursday 25th August so I (Diana) can let them know numbers and orders – as they will be busy over the bank holiday weekend and need to ensure ingredients supply as they make all of their own food. Thank you.  (The owner of the cafe is my neighbour’s daughter)

example from menu:-

Scones, jam, clotted cream                                    £4:50
choose drink  from menu  eg pot of tea                   £2.30  
Full cream tea (sandwiches, scone, chosen drink)    £14:50 
Vegetarian alternative cream tea and drink                £14:50

If you prefer cake(s) of the day then please order that (eg £3.10) and a drink choice from the menu.

If anything is not clear then please get in touch.

I have ‘tested’ the afternoon tea and needed ‘doggy-bag’ boxes to bring the rest of the food home for the next day!

Thanks a lot.

I looking forward to seeing you all then.

Take care