Helen Allston’s update of 23 May

Dear Ringers,
See below for Helen’s latest bulletin.
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Helen”s text:

To: branch chairs, secretaires & treasurers, please forward to members.

Update is a little bit late this week. It’s a long story, that I won’t bore you with, involving an Englishman, an Irish ferry, a dodgy alternator and a services on the M4. Assuming that it’s better late than never, here we are. 

Annual General Meeting:
The next Guild event is the Annual General Meeting. A reminder that names for tea need to with the Guild secretary before the event secretary@pdg.org.uk.  The afternoons activities are based in Peterborough. Full details can be found on the website: https://pdg.org.uk/homepage/agm-2022

Items of interest
As a county, Cornwall has had its problems in ringing, it is an extended county geographically, its cathedral is at one extreme, and it is largely rural. We have some similar element to tackle. This podcast looks at how they have revived interest in ringing in one area of their association. https://funwithbells.com/on-the-lizard/

Dates for the Diary
Guild 10 Bell Saturday 14th May, 10:30 – 12:30. Kettering (confirmed!) 
Guild Second Saturday Session: 11th June 10:00 Surprise Major Practice at Thrapston. Some fun on the way to the AGM. 
Guild AGM: Saturday 11th June, 2:00 Peterborough St Mary, 2:30 Cathedral, 3:30 Peterborough St John. 4:00 Service, followed by tea and meeting at 6:00. Evening ringing at St Johns. 
Guild 10 bell: Saturday 9th July, Rothwell, 10:30 – 12:30. 
Additional Second Saturday Sessions for future months can be found on the website. Express interest in the courses and propose topics that you feel there is a need for and the Guild will see what it can do to support. For more details, see here: https://pdg.org.uk/latest-news/more-second-saturday-sessions
Kettering with Thrapston: 28th May 14:00 Great Oakley (newly installed) and 15:00 Corby (a change from the original programme).
Peterborough Friday 3rd June 8 bell practice 19:30 Castor
Guilsborough: 4th June Branch Practice 15:30 Great Oxendon, 18:30 East Farndon

CCCBR updates
The President’s latest blog is available: https://cccbr.org.uk/2022/05/10/presidents-blog-59/

The Technical & Taxonomy workgroup (nope, I have no idea what that means either) is looking for views and interest in a review of method extension.   https://cccbr.org.uk/2022/05/11/technical-taxonomy-workgroup-review-of-method-extension/

Jubilee Ringing
In the next update, I hope to be reporting on towers having rung for the Jubilee. A reminder to let people know that you are ringing, when and why, especially in towers with no regular ringing. Jubilee posters are available to put up in church or village notice boards. Additional copies are available from Cathy Dixon, pro@pdg.org.uk

In addition, you may like to add your event to the national events website: https://platinumjubilee.gov.uk/events/

Events can also be added to the diocese’s events calendar, especially if the public can come and visit the belfry or the tower. This can be found https://www.peterborough-diocese.org.uk/calendar/ and can be added by e-mailing the Communication office, luke.smith@peterborough-diocese.org.uk

Once you have rung, please add your ringing to Bellboard, and let the Guild know. This will enable us to collate information about ringing after the event. We intend to compile a list of every tower and ringer (if possible) who rang for the Jubilee and to collate this information to form a part of the historical record of the event. Your help in ringing and letting us know about it afterwards is much appreciated. 

Helen Allton
Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers
Facebook: www.facebook.com/PDGCBR
Website: www.pdg.org.uk
e-mail: secretary@pdg.org.uk
Telephone: 01832 735 266