Cathedral Branch Ringing for evensong

On the 15th May, the branch will be ringing at Peterborough cathedral for evensong. Please meet at the foot of the tower (inside the shop) at 2pm. I do hope that as many of you as possible will take this opportunity to ring at your cathedral.

For those not experienced on higher numbers, you can expect to ring rounds on 10, for those who are comfortable with it, you could try some plain hunt. I am hoping to drum up some support from the cathedral band to support branch members who are ready to ring methods on higher numbers.

Those that have previously attended have always given positive feedback about the experience. See you there!


Castor Branch Practice 6th May

Dear branch members, the branch eight bell practice is approaching in just over a week. It would be great to see you.

The practice will suit those who call ring Bob minor and would like to move on the Bob major as well as surprise major ringers.

The special method will be Cornwall surprise, but you don’t have to be able to ring this to be welcome.


Castor this friday

This Friday 1st April is the branch 8 bell practice at Castor 1930h.

The special method will be Bristol. If you ring Cambridge or Yorkshire but you haven’t previously rung Bristol, you could decide to learn just 5th or 6th placed bell to reduce your homework.

If you ring Bob minor but don’t have 8 bell experience then the practice will be an opportunity to ring Bob major with support around you.

I look forward to seeing you there,


Striking Workshop 6th April

Please could you let me know if you are interested in attending a striking workshop at Cotterstock on Wednesday 6th April at 7pm.

As previously, the idea will be to ring something well within your comfort zone with an experienced band, in order to focus on striking.

The intention is that everybody goes home with one or two things to think about and work on at their usual practice.

Let me know,


Branch eight bell practice

Welcome to March! Our first Friday practice will be at Castor as usual this Fridayv at 1930hrs

As previously this practice will suit those that can methods on six but would like an opportunity on eight bells.

For my experienced support, and those that are learning surprise major methods, please would you come along having looked at Superlative SM. As usual Stedman will also probably feature.

See you there,


Castor this Friday

Do remember this Friday is the monthly branch practice, 1930hr at Castor.

The special methods will be Double Norwich and London…. back by popular request!!

If you cannot manage these yet, don’t worry there will be opportunities to ring Plain Bob8/Little Bob8.

See you there,


Branch practice Friday 7th Jan

Dear Friends, I am pleased to say that our usual branch practice will be going ahead at Castor this Friday 7th January at 7-30pm.

I wonder if Father Christmas brought any of you the newly published book “The Core Seven and beyond” written by Simon Linford and edited by our own Will Bosworth.

The book plots a course through treble dodging major methods but starts with a plain method: Double Norwich Court Bob Major. So this will be our method of the month.

For those of you who know the rhyme to remember it, please learn the blue line too. If you don’t know the rhyme don’t find it out, just learn it by leads and by the treble! Happy bank holiday learning.

See you on Friday.


Clarification of guidelines

Please find above an update to the Covid guidelines published by the central council. It represents a clarification of the guidelines already in place rather than a significant change.

Face masks have been the subject of much debate amongst ringers. This update confirms that ringing can be considered an exception to the general advice to wear a mask (as is singing and preaching). Where ringing takes place in a separate ringing room masks are optional.

Lateral flow tests remain encouraged.

Once again can I implore all of us to resist the temptation to “fall out” if and when we come to varied decisions based on our individual risk assessments. The whole point of risk assessments is that they are specific to location and person.

As is always the case, we only ring with the permission of our incumbents whether they be a Dean, Vicar, Rector or church wardens interregnum.

James Thorpe