Lutton wedding Sat Aug 14th

Four ringers required for a wedding at Lutton on Saturday 14th August. Wedding starts at 1pm. Please note that the bells are not to be rung full circle, but are only to be chimed because they are currently unsafe to ring full circle. Let me (Nick Elks) know if you are available please. £20 per rope.

Ringing For The Ghosts Of Today

Had to share with everyone a video on Youtube that was uploaded just yesteray. It is a ringing inspired story brilliantly acted, narrated and filmed to a very high standard. Do please watch it, I am sure it is like nothing you have seen before. Highly recommended.

New guidance from the Central Council on bellringing – not quite yet, but soon….

The Central council have been in talks with the Church of England Recovery Group about moving forward plans to relax the quite stringent current guidelines for ringing. The result is that we can look forward to more ringing with slightly fewer restrictions – but not quite yet.Click on the link below to see an article about this…

Further development of Coronavirus guidance – the Path Ahead

Ringing at Peterborough St John’s RESUMES this Sunday March 8th

Dear all,

Ringing at Peterborough St John’s was suspended last October when it was discovered that masonry had fallen from the tower and more masonry was found to be loose. This has now been attended to by stonemasons and I have been informed this morning that we are able to resume ringing the bells. We shall start this Sunday at 10:25am ringing for the 11am service, and continue weekly thereafter. Do please come along and ring with us if you are able to.

Nick Elks – Tower Captain

Wedding at Oundle Saturday 25th May

Dear all,

We are two ringers short for a wedding at Oundle next Saturday 25th May. Meeting at 1:30pm to ring before the 2pm wedding service. Also ringing afterwards, so you would need to expect to be there until 3:30pm. Each ringer will receive £25.


UPDATE: additional two ringers now found, no more required – thank you.


Nick Elks

Central Council AGM

Dear all,
Have been trying to get this published for a few days now – unfortunately some key people were away, and others ill…..
Keeping you (and other members of the Guild) informed as to how the Central Council AGM went last weekend (27th/28th May 2018)…
For anyone who is interested, the new Central Council rules were passed with a large majority – 137 for the motion, 8 against, 10 abstentions and seven non-votes, despite an attempt by certain longstanding members to have further ‘consultation’ and delay the decision until at least next September. The 15 committees now have been merged into 5 Working Groups (they have not been abolished as some people have been saying) and these workgroups are open to anyone to serve on them, not just CC reps.
Four new executives were elected to join the current four who, by default (current senior officers), are on the initial tranche of the executive. We now have eight Executive Officers, Five Workgroups, and new flexible rules which should enable the Central Council to be more responsive to current needs. 
It is now possible to make a contribution to the work of the Central Council by participating with the Workgroups – if you have a particular skill and time to apply it, they would welcome your input. This was previously only done by CC Reps who did not necessarily have the appropriate skills required.
Please allow a few days for the Central Council website to be updated, and I will give a fuller account of the proceedings and an analysis of what this means for the future at the PDG AGM on June 9th.
Nick Elks

Wedding at Wittering next Saturday (19th May) – one more ringer required

Dear all,

Further to my previous message, we are still one short to make a band of six for the wedding at Wittering next Saturday. It is a 12pm wedding with ringing both before and afterwards, Ringers to turn up at 11:35am. Bells need raising and lowering. Payment is £20 per rope (£15 if only after).

If you have been holding back to give others a chance to get in there first, please do not hold back any longer – we need a sixth ringer. This will only be rounds and call changes, nothing too taxing, and the bells are not heavy. If you are only able to ring afterwards, that might well be possible. Please let me know if you can help us out.

Those who have already responded, yes please, we do need you and a confirmation email will follow once the band is complete.


Nick Elks