First Post using new PetNet

Dear PetNet Subscriber,

This is the first post using the new PetNet. If you are reading this as an email message you now have confirmation that the system is working for you.

Please be aware that replies to PetNet messages are no longer private emails to the person who posted the message, but are posted as “Comments” on the PetBells webpage which is open to the public. Please feel free to try that out with this message so that you know how it works.

Best wishes,

David Teall

8 thoughts on “First Post using new PetNet

  1. Thank you for all the work you have obviously put into this. I already have a WordPress account to communicate with the Miami band, and it says I am commenting using that WordPress account. Is this right?

  2. I believe so, thanks. It didn’t offer me the option of setting up a new account AFAIR, merely remarking that I already had an account.

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