Plain Bob Minor Workshop

The Plain Bob Minor Workshop at Castor on 5th October is now fully subscribed and applications are closed.   All successful applicants have been sent a copy of the timetable.

We are looking forward to a very full day in which we shall ring 5040 changes between us!  Sadly it won’t count as a peal but we hope it will prove useful to all.

David Teall
Head Tutor
Castor Ringing School


Plain Bob Minor Workshop

Castor Ringing School will be running a Plain Bob Minor Workshop in conjunction with the Peterborough Branch on Saturday 5th October.  The Workshop is aimed at ringers who are able to ring at least a plain course of Plain Bob Doubles inside unaided and would like to learn how to move on to Plain Bob Minor.  It will also be suitable for those who have tried ringing Plain Bob Minor but would like to brush up on the theory and gain some practical experience within an experienced band.

The Workshop will begin with a Theory Session at Castor in the morning for all participants and be followed by Practical Sessions at one or more Towers.  The timing of the sessions will depend upon the number of participants: if there is a small number, both Theory and Practical Sessions will take place in the morning but, if there is a large number, the Practical Sessions will be in the afternoon.

If you would like to take part in this Workshop please apply by 20th September by clicking here and, in your message, give the following information:



Can you ring a course of Plain Bob Doubles inside unaided?   Yes/No

As far as Plain Bob Minor is concerned would you describe yourself as a Beginner or an Improver.  Please feel free to give additional information to clarify this.

I look forward to hearing from you.

David Teall

Head Tutor
Castor Ringing School


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Wedding on 17th August

I am short of three ringers for a wedding at King’s Cliffe at 13:30 on Saturday 17th August. We ring before and after the service so the ringing will be from 13:00.

As you will be aware, this is the day of the Branch Outing which is why I am struggling to put together a band. If you are not going on the outing and you would be willing and able to ring I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes,

David Teall

Putting Ringing Remembers ringing onto Bellboard

If you wish to record ringing for the Armistice 100 on Bellboard but you did not ring a quarter peal or a peal it can be challenge persuading the computer to accept your offering. This is how to do it:

Go first to:

The number at the end of this URL links your performance to “Ringing for the Centenary of the WWI Armistice”.

If you have not recently logged in to Bellboard you will be asked to login. If you have never posted on Bellboard before you will have to click on Register to create an account and then login.

Now the nerdy bit. If you did not ring a Quarter Peal or Peal you must include the word Rounds in the Method box otherwise the computer will insist you give the Length (number of changes) which will not be appropriate. You can add whatever else you wish, but you must include the word Rounds. Don’t ask me why – computer says!

Here is one I prepared earlier:

David Teall

WordPress Usernames

Since the new PetNet went live six weeks ago I have received occasional reports of confusion caused by the difficulty of identifying the author of some of the posts.  This is because, by default, WordPress gives only the Username of the author and some of you have some intriguing Usernames that are not easily associated with the person we know and love.

There are two possible solutions to this problem:

1.  Sign in and then go to:  Change the entry labelled ‘Public Display Name’ from your Username (the default setting) to your actual name. This is the preferred action.

2. If you do not wish to make the above change, for whatever reason, please be sure to sign each and every post with your full name.

With my grateful thanks for your co-operation.

David Teall

First Post using new PetNet

Dear PetNet Subscriber,

This is the first post using the new PetNet. If you are reading this as an email message you now have confirmation that the system is working for you.

Please be aware that replies to PetNet messages are no longer private emails to the person who posted the message, but are posted as “Comments” on the PetBells webpage which is open to the public. Please feel free to try that out with this message so that you know how it works.

Best wishes,

David Teall