Putting Ringing Remembers ringing onto Bellboard

If you wish to record ringing for the Armistice 100 on Bellboard but you did not ring a quarter peal or a peal it can be challenge persuading the computer to accept your offering. This is how to do it:

Go first to:


The number at the end of this URL links your performance to “Ringing for the Centenary of the WWI Armistice”.

If you have not recently logged in to Bellboard you will be asked to login. If you have never posted on Bellboard before you will have to click on Register to create an account and then login.

Now the nerdy bit. If you did not ring a Quarter Peal or Peal you must include the word Rounds in the Method box otherwise the computer will insist you give the Length (number of changes) which will not be appropriate. You can add whatever else you wish, but you must include the word Rounds. Don’t ask me why – computer says!

Here is one I prepared earlier:


David Teall