Feedback Please – Response Requested

Prior to discussions at the upcoming Branch Committee Meeting – please could I ask for some feedback on Branch Activities:

In previous years we have run workshops on Striking and Ringing Up/Down.  If we were to put on some Workshops this year – what topics would you like to see covered?  (possible ideas: Bob Minor, Cambridge, Striking, Conducting, ?something else – do you have a better idea?)

The Castor once a month Branch Practice has recently struggled for support –  what do you like/dislike about this practice?  What sort of practice would you be interested in supporting? What stops you from coming?

I look forward to hearing from you,

James Thorpe

2 thoughts on “Feedback Please – Response Requested

  1. Maybe something for new ringers and something for more advanced ringers?

    As a newish ringer i’d like a repeat of the ringing up and down workshop as doing it in peal is hard! Listening to it yesterday done well was very pleasing to the ear!

    I’ve only rung on 8 bells a coupe of times too and will be supporting Castor when I can.

    Perhaps some sessions mastering light/ heavy bells so that people get more experience with that too.

  2. Hello James,
    Not sure that asking people what they want will give you the answer they want.
    You could consider a development path so they can choose the bits which are missing. ie consolidate the basics. Also most people can all a bob, but what use if you cant see the treble lead and 3 bells do their thing in 2nd, 3rds, and 4ths.
    There are different ways to look at Plain Hunt, Plain Bob. Ring Plain Bob by dodging when the treble leads. See this also by watching where you pass the treble on the way up and apply the rule (either from memory or given by the stander behind). And see how many bells follow the treble on the way down, before you, so you know where to dodge. Also announce so and so bell is the treble so you have to apply some of the knowledge previously mentioned. This is a sort of spliced.
    Just a thought, but based upon successful application.

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