Tolling for Notre Dame Cathedral

Dear all, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have asked all Cathedrals and Churches across England to toll a bell at 7pm this Thursday, for 7 minutes, as a mark of solidarity following yesterday’s fire at Notre Dame Cathedral, please see link below.

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4 thoughts on “Tolling for Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Holy Week, we have a meal with the other branch at 6.30pm so wont be able to at Maxey.

  2. Our churches will be in use for Maunday Thursday feet washing and church stripping before Good Friday.

  3. I will also be aiiending the Maundy Thursday Liturgy at 7 p.m at Newnham. But I am deeply saddened by the terrible fire in Notre Dame and will toll in Charwelton at 5.30 p.m if that is O.K.

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