Wedding at Oundle Saturday 20th July – one more ringer required

One more ringer required to make up the band. Oundle 12:45pm wedding on Saturday 20th July – ringing before and after so meet at 12:15pm. Please let me know if you can come and help out.


tel: 07961 916819

4 thoughts on “Wedding at Oundle Saturday 20th July – one more ringer required

  1. Hi nick

    I can help

    Kind regards

    Tom Stevenson

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  2. Dear sirs,

    I am trying to Unsubscribe this email account from receiving your emails.

    The reason is, that Dave Wilkinson from Collyweston has died. I am his Executor.

    The ‘unsubscribe’ link at the foot of your emails just takes me to ‘manage subscriptions’ – this is not helpful, and getting quite upsetting while I try to go through old unanswered emails to deal with them.

    Please can you help.

    To talk to me directly, I am at

    Many thanks, in anticipation.

    Fiona Cowan

  3. Sorry cannot help with wedding as ringing at Elton wedding.

    Jane Webb


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