VE Day, 75th Anniversary.

On the 8th May 1945,  the news that the nation had waited and prayed for finally arrived. The war in Europe was over. Six years of bloodshed that killed millions of our armed forces and civilians was over.

At 7pm on the 8th May 2020 all bells are invited to ring out across the nation in celebration of 75 years of peace. As a branch I hope as many towers as possible will take part in this celebration as a mark of respect to all the brave fallen service personal also those who returned maimed or seriously injured by ringing with pride.

For further information see page 52 of the Ringing World dated 10th January 2020. Towers can register themselves by going to the RINGING OUT FOR PEACE page of the VE Day 75 website – and register your involvement as soon as possible.

7pm is the ideal and recommended option but any time that afternoon/evening and indeed over the weekend as a planned event will also be supported. Every tower taking part will be able to print a copy of the General certificate of grateful recognition as a reminder of their involvement in VE 75.

Terry Wright.

Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.


2 thoughts on “VE Day, 75th Anniversary.

  1. Hi

    Maxey would like to ring but will not have enough ringers.

    Is there anything planned to bring teams together so that all towers can ring as we did last time?

    Kind Regards

    Mandy Loveder

  2. Mandy, I need to discuss with Hilary what the plans are regarding help for towers that can’t raise their own band.
    I’m sure she will be putting something online in the near future.
    Kind Regards.

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