Bell Challenge At Castor.

The following has been forwarded by Julian at Castor, an event in order to raise money for the Church. Also to have the bells heard during this time of silence.

Bell Challenge at Castor

St Kyneburgha, Castor Benefice,  had a challenge to raise money for the PCC in these difficult times. The Challenge; the power of seven (x7) is based around that number starting on the 7th March.

The Tower Band rang bells 1 to 7, each bell for one minute (7 minutes) for 7 days until 13th March starting at 7 p.m. each evening. Covid restrictions ensured only a single ringer was viable for all 7 evenings, Band Ringers that could and wanted to ring had an individual session. It got the rust out and enabled muscle memory to return to arms and heads! A great effort and fun while raising money for the church.

Julian Burton.

Tower Captain.

Guild Newsletter. (Reminder)

Dear all.

A reminder to all tower captains/correspondents that there is still time to send any correspondence relavent to your towers to me so I can add it to what I have already received to send in for the March 2021 Guild newsletter.

If you have anything to contribute please could I have it e-mailed to me by Friday 26th February.

Many thanks.

Terry Wright

Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.

Guild Newsletter March 2021.

Good Evening all,

To all tower captains / correspondents, at this years AGM i asked the question regarding if the March edition of the Guild Newsletter would be happening.

The message i received from Helen was; yes there will be a March 2021 Guild Newsletter and all entries are gratefully received. Therefore I am asking all tower captains / correspondents to have a think along with members of their towers and see if they have thoughts on what has been happening during this lockdown periods.

I know some towers are using Ringing Room with Zoom or WhatsApp some towers are socially distancing hand bell ringing thus keeping socially in contact with fellow ringers. Are there any other forms of keeping in contact with each other being used?

Any thoughts or correspondence you may have please send it to me so i can collate and send in to be printed.

All correspondence to Could i please have all correspondence to me by:- Friday 26th February 2021 please.

Thank you in anticipation of your responses.


Terry Wright. Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.

Guild Newsletter, September 2020.

Dear all,

Following discussions with Helen, the Guild has decided to go ahead with the September edition of the newsletter.

It would be good to have correspondence telling us what your towers have been doing during the lockdown period. Is your tower able to ring again now or do the distancing constraints still affect you? Has your tower been doing any virtual ringing? I.E. Using Ringing Room, Abel or Mobel? let us all know how you have been getting on with them.

At present I have no deadline for correspondence as Helen is trying to get the publishing date put back to the end of September. I will keep you informed once a deadline date has been set.

If you would send any entries through to me please at, I will collate ready for publishing.

Kind Regards.


Terry Wright, Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.


Guild Newsletter

Dear Tower Captains / Correspondents and Ringers.

It’s time to let me have news about your towers and what you have been doing since September 2019.

The newsletter will be published on the 1st March so could you please send me all relevant correspondence by Thursday 27th February so I can collate all submissions and send them through ready for print.

A call to all tower ringers, if you feel you have any news you would like to put forward i.e. forthcoming events, Quarter peals or peals, success in Learning the Ropes please inform your Tower Captain or correspondent who will put it forward.

Please send all info to me at

Many thanks.


Terry Wright.

Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.

VE Day, 75th Anniversary.

On the 8th May 1945,  the news that the nation had waited and prayed for finally arrived. The war in Europe was over. Six years of bloodshed that killed millions of our armed forces and civilians was over.

At 7pm on the 8th May 2020 all bells are invited to ring out across the nation in celebration of 75 years of peace. As a branch I hope as many towers as possible will take part in this celebration as a mark of respect to all the brave fallen service personal also those who returned maimed or seriously injured by ringing with pride.

For further information see page 52 of the Ringing World dated 10th January 2020. Towers can register themselves by going to the RINGING OUT FOR PEACE page of the VE Day 75 website – and register your involvement as soon as possible.

7pm is the ideal and recommended option but any time that afternoon/evening and indeed over the weekend as a planned event will also be supported. Every tower taking part will be able to print a copy of the General certificate of grateful recognition as a reminder of their involvement in VE 75.

Terry Wright.

Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.


Guild Newsletter, September 2019

Dear all Tower Captains/Correspondents.

A final reminder if you have not already responded with your tower report for the September edition of the Guild newsletter.

If you still intend to contribute, could I please have your reports no later than Wednesday 28th August. This is to give me time to check and collate the reports before the deadline of August 31st.

Many thanks.

Terry Wright, Branch Press Correspondent.

Ring For Your Supper

Dear all.

A final reminder that this Saturday 19th May is our annual Ring For Your Supper event. Towers are confirmed as; Stanground, St Johns and St Mary’s where a fish & chip supper & Desserts will be served.

If you require fish & chips and have not yet ordered them please do so by 4:00pm on Thursday 17th May. Orders to; this cut off point gives Angela time to organize and pre-order the food.

Have an enjoyable evening.

Best Wishes.

Terry Wright.

Ring For Your Supper.

Dear all.

Don’t forget our annual RFYS takes place on Saturday 19th May. We are ringing at 3 towers starting at; Stanground then to St John’s and finally St Mary’s where a fish & chip supper will be served.

To ensure we get the right numbers of supper if you wish to eat would you please let Angela know by no later than the 17th May, obviously the sooner the better.

Hope to see lots of you there.

Terry Wright.

Ring For Your Supper.

Dear all

A quick reminder that this years Ring For Your Supper is taking place on Saturday 19th May. The first venue has had to change, as it stands it will now be at Stanground (4-00 to 4-45pm) followed by St Johns Peterborough (5-15 to 6-15pm) followed by supper (fish & chips) at St Mary’s then ringing till 8-00pm

The suppers will need to be pre-ordered so if you wish to eat please contact Angela Whiteway with numbers at; To help the fish & chip shop could Angela have all orders by Thursday 17th May at the latest please

As usual this should be a very good afternoon/evening of ringing, food & social get together of all like minded people.

I hope to see you there

Kind Regards

Terry Wright.
Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.