Keeping the Mind Engaged

Dear all, I hope everyone is keeping fit and well, and is coping with out their regular bell ringing fix.

The Guild is putting out a weekly bulletin with some exercises to keep the ringing mind engaged and entertained. Below are some of their suggestions:

For those missing their ringing, here are some YouTube videos of some good and some really excellent ringing to listen to.
When listening, think about the following and try to answer by ear alone.
Can you tell how many bells are ringing?
Is the tenor drumming behind, or turned in?
Can you follow the one bell (treble is often easiest) as it moves through the piece? You don’t need to know what is being rung to hear the bell’s progression.
Is your ringing this good? If not what do you need to make it this good?

Ringing related programmes and documentaries.

The Central Council has put together a playlist of different ringing films & documentaries for you to watch.…

Washing hands

One thing we’re all being asked to do is to wash our hands regularly and thoroughly. Advice suggests 20 seconds is sufficient to wash hands properly and singing “Happy Birthday” twice is long enough. But that gets very dull very quickly.
Instead, keep those methods in your head by reciting them as you wash your hands. 20 seconds should be long enough for a couple of plain courses of plain doubles or minor, 3 or 4 leads of surprise minor (and you may as well recite the whole course once you’ve done 3 or 4 leads), 2 or 3 leads of surprise major. Use all those hand washes to engage your memory as well as keep your hands clean.
You could even pin a method above the sink and learn a new method for when we’re all back ringing again.


The Diocese of Peterborough sees safeguarding as everyone’s responsibility, and would like all volunteers within the church family (that includes bellringers) to have a basic understanding of safeguarding (level C0). While you can’t go to practice, why not make use of the spare time to access the free online training portal and complete it.

As with everything else, the 8 bell practice on Friday 3 April, has been cancelled.

Stay safe and well,



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