Guild Weekly Update

Thank you, Helen, for another action packed weekly update:

This week has seen an increase in the number of socially distanced ringing taking place, with handbells suddenly becoming hugely attractive. You don’t need to ring two bells, one each works equally as well. Do let us know if you’ve been out and ringing; photos always more than welcome of a suitably distanced party!

This week’s update has the usual variety of bits and bobs.


This weekend, being the 2nd Saturday in June, should have been the Guild AGM. The rescheduled AGM is 19th September (we hope), to be held in Towcester. We’ll keep in touch with the latest situation and will let you know the details in good time.
It means I’ve been in post as Secretary for a year – and this is not at all how I thought it would go! The learning curve has been quite steep at times and I apologise for any errors or mistakes I’ve made. I’d also like to thank you for your support during the year and during recent uncertain times.

Blast from the past

This week we’re going back to the late 30s or early 40s. Date and occasion unknown, a group of ringers from Kettering and Thrapston areas. Look at those hats!

( This is a great photo. I haven’t downloaded it to our branch web site but you can see it on the Guild facebook page so please have a look there – Sylvia)

Brain Training

A couple of puzzles for you this week.

A selection of puzzles from past editions of The Ringing World for you today. Keep those braincells busy!

Another homage to Only Connect. This time there are 4 clues on each line and something that connects all 4 of them. Can you find the connections?

( Access these on the Guild Face book page)

Ringing Theory

A couple of short clips, looking at the mathematics of methods. They’re aimed at a non-ringing audience, so there are a few slight ringing inaccuracies. That doesn’t take away from the mathematics that underlies what we do (whether we realise it or not).


Central Council

This week we have the President’s latest blog,

The Central Council also announced the winner of May’s YouTube competition for videos of good striking on 6 bells or less. The winner was a piece of ringing from Kenn, ringing callchanges in Devon style. Well worth a listen to.

Details of the competition for June onwards can be found here.

The Technical and Taxonomy workgroup gave an update on their activity in recent times, focussing on updates that have and will take place to Dove online

Not the 12 bell live

This coming Saturday (20th June) was due to be the National 12 bell striking contest. This event now features an online broadcast from the event for those unable to make it in person. The contest itself was cancelled earlier in the year, and will not be going ahead. However, on the 20th there is a broadcast of “Not the 12 bell live” which will include past ringing, history, tales and maybe the chance to spot one or two people you know. Can be found from their website from 1pm on Saturday.

Bells on Sunday

Bells on Sunday: this week from St John-the-Baptist, Great Gaddesden in Hertfordshire, ringing Grandsire Doubles.

And don’t forget our two competitions: the virtual ringers’ tea and the puzzling piece of text. Entries to either welcome at any time to me by end of August (assuming AGM in September).