Hello everyone
I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying this fine sunny weather.
Helen’s weekly letter follows and this week she has kindly provided links to all the content so you won’t have to search for things I couldn’t insert into this text message.
Best wishes

As churches begin to open this week for private prayer, and things begin to open up, the next question will be “when can we ring again?”. Not yet. Just to let you know that the Guild is working on a Covid risk assessment, that will hopefully mean that we’ll be in a position to take a measured approach to any return to ringing, when that becomes a possibility.

This week’s update has another random selection of bits and bobs.

Blast from the past

This week’s photo was taken at the AGM, in 1949, the Guild’s 25 year. The AGM was held at Peterborough Cathedral. From the report: “Tea was served in the Dujon cafe with 158 sitting down”. Gulp. That’s an awful lot of tea!

A higher resolution scan is available, on request, if you wanted to try and identify people in the photo. I’m not there (just in case anyone was wondering!)


Brain Training

A couple of puzzles for you this week.

There’s a set of questions asking which county. All the answers are a county and they are all different. So where are we?


And a ringing Wordsearch, where all the methods begin with the letter E. https://bit.ly/wordsearchE (grid)

https://bit.ly/Worsearch-E (words)

Ringing in alternative ways

A couple of different approaches to ringing this week. Firstly, some of our members have been getting involved in ringing collectively (but separately) using dumb bells installed at home. Well done all, that can’t have been trivial. https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/view.php?id=1371147
There’s various information available on dumb bells, from the history of them in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/4hgjjyN9kaM
To a group for users of ringing simulators: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1441867412528870
You may find yourself with one installed if this goes on much longer!

Secondly, what else can you use a method for? Well if knitting is your thing, you could possibly practice your methods in a scarf or arran panel on a jumper. There’s a pattern for a scarf featuring Cambridge Minor available on Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/…/library/a-scarf-of-cambridge-major
Can you tell what the methods are on these other knitted examples?

Central Council

This week we have an update from the V&L workgroup. That stands for Volunteer and Leadership, for those who (like me) had to look it up. The update is attached, or is available via this link:


Bells on Sunday

Bells on Sunday this morning comes from the church of St Mary the Virgin, Chislet in Kent. They’re ringing my favourite, Stedman.

A bit of fun

Someone who contributes to the St Peter’s Church, Irthlingborough Faceboook page has a good line in cartoons. This one might strike a chord with ringers, nothing goes together quite like practice and quenching a thirst in the pub. Cheers, we’ll raise a glass together again one day.


And don’t forget our two competitions: the virtual ringers’ tea and the puzzling piece of text. Entries to either welcome at any time to me by end of August (assuming AGM in September)