Guild weekly update

Dear al, Helen’s weekly update is below.

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It’s been lovely to  hear of more towers starting to ring, with towers marking VJ day and Sunday services. If you need any help to get back to ringing, the Guild is keeping the website up to date, check here for help and support.

Return to Ringing

There has been little change to guidance since the last update, although some refinement. The Central Council guidance makes clear that ringing for any service is acceptable, meaning that weddings can be rung for, as long as a suitable risk assessment is carried out.


The guidance has had the term “face masks” replaced with “face coverings”, which brings this into line with the language used in both the government and CofE documentation.

Where there are exemptions for those who cannot wear a face covering in public spaces, for whatever reason, the Central Council’s view is that “… face coverings reduce the risk of transmission of the virus and therefore protect our fellow ringers. Anyone who is unable to wear a face covering should not ring.” The Guild would like to encourage towers with ringers who cannot or are reluctant to wear a face covering to seriously consider the situation before proceeding; we would not want to either ostracise a ringer nor to cause an increase infection risk to other ringers.

Training Session

From ‘adjacent places’ to ‘Yorkshire tail ends’, how much bell ringing language do you understand? This site is very useful for helping with this!

And what’s a Bob? And how do you call them? An introduction to simple touches.


How well do you know your Guild

We have 2 sets of 3 images to tax your brain. Can you identify 3 Branch Ringing Masters and 3 Branch Chairs from their younger selves? and

Brain teasers

A word fit challenge this time, can you fit these heavy rings of eight into the grid provided?

A reminder of the secretary’s competition: Read the text carefully. Devised by the Secretary herself, she’ll offer a prize if you can solve it.

And the more visually satisfying Ringers’ Tea competition.

The Language of Bells

This project is looking to put together a sound exhibition of bells, and things that are inspired by bells. Ringing, tolling, chiming or using the ellacombe chime would all fit the bill. Any short clip can be submitted. How inventive can you be?

A little light relief

One for the star gazers, is this an easy way to see stars.
Disclaimer – I can’t say this is recommended!

Cartoon: Les Lamb, Orwell Astronomical Society

Central Council

The President wrote his 15th blog

The Westley Award for Bell maintenance was awarded in a virtual session. You can read about those who were highly commended and the winner here:

The Blooms from Leeds judged the July YouTube competition.’s contest is for a video demonstrating change ringing but not on tower bells. How to enter can be found here:

As ever, if there is anything you want to see or know about, get in touch.