Guild Update

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Here is the latest up-date from Helen. Forgive the brevity of my introductory message forwarding Helen’s Guild up-date but all of this is very new to me and very challenging!

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Hope you managed to stay safe and warm in the snow and ice that we’ve had the last week or so. It was surely complete co-incidence that The Ringing World featured a snowy Guild tower for its cover this week, Simon Pearce’s photograph of St Botolph’s church, Stoke Albany. You can see the image and even purchase a copy from the link given.

Guild Updates

Do you want to shape the future of ringing? The Guild is looking for people to get involved in ringing for our youth members. If you are interested in a range of activities – organising, helping, guiding or being available to call on for youth ringing sessions and activities, please get contact the secretary, It’ll be a team effort and all sorts of skills will be useful. 

Training corner

If you are worried that you won’t be able to use Ringing Room and will mess it up, why not download Mobel so you can practice using an online ringing resource on your own first.

Plain Bob Doubles is usually one of the first methods that you learn after you have mastered Plain Hunt.

Plain Bob Minor is the next stepping stone from Plain Bob Doubles. It shares a lot of common features. 

Now we are in lockdown again how about starting a new project?!…/arti…/50-virtual-ringing-things

Puzzle spot

If methods are all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order, then maybe anagrams are the wordy equivalent. Can you unscramble these to give the methods this band would like to ring?

There’s a lot of different methods named after castles to fit into the grid. Can you fight your way to a successful conclusion?

A group of ringers were asked to describe various ringing terms. What are they on about in this cloud of words?

For your entertainment

A Blue Peter episode from 1974. Is learning to ring always this stretching? Someone get her a box!

This technical construction might just be the project you’re looking for. What would you try and teach it next?

Central Council Updates

The president’s latest blog.

And finally: The cover of this week’s Ringing World featured Simon Pearce’s wintery shot of St Botolph’s church, Stoke Albany. You can see the image and even purchase a copy from the link given.

Hope you stay safe and well and do get in touch if there’s anything you want to see or have items of interest that you want us to spread wider.