Guild Newsletter March 2021.

Good Evening all,

To all tower captains / correspondents, at this years AGM i asked the question regarding if the March edition of the Guild Newsletter would be happening.

The message i received from Helen was; yes there will be a March 2021 Guild Newsletter and all entries are gratefully received. Therefore I am asking all tower captains / correspondents to have a think along with members of their towers and see if they have thoughts on what has been happening during this lockdown periods.

I know some towers are using Ringing Room with Zoom or WhatsApp some towers are socially distancing hand bell ringing thus keeping socially in contact with fellow ringers. Are there any other forms of keeping in contact with each other being used?

Any thoughts or correspondence you may have please send it to me so i can collate and send in to be printed.

All correspondence to Could i please have all correspondence to me by:- Friday 26th February 2021 please.

Thank you in anticipation of your responses.


Terry Wright. Peterborough Branch Press Correspondent.