Training Fund

Dear All,

Please see the following e-mail from Helen reminding Branch Secretaries and Treasurers of how to access the Training Fund and what it would cover.

In the hope that we will be able to ring in towers around the Branch sometime later this year, it is a timely reminder that there is a Training Fund. Little or no ringing for over twelve months means getting back to real bell handling and ringing may require some help for some of us.

Best wishes,


To: Branch Secretaries & Treasurers.

In today’s F&GP meeting, a question was asked about how to access the Training fund and what it would cover. 

There is information on the fund available on the Guild website, here:

The form to apply for a grant is available from the same page and is relatively simple. The Fund will consider applications for equipment, attending training courses, running training course or ongoing training. Applications can be made by individuals, a tower, a group of towers, or branches. The extent of the benefit of the training is an important element of the application. This is looking at who will benefit from the training, both immediately and in the future. 

Applications go to the Master for review and I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. We are all aware that this will be an important part of beginning ringing when we are able. Can you please communicate out to anyone who might find this relevant.