Guild’s Easter Virtual Training update

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Please see this update from Helen regarding the upcoming Easter Virtual Training. Training has had to be re-organised because of very positive interest in participating. The good news for those who forgot to register means there is now a further opportunity to do so. Don’t delay!

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Helen’s update:

Branches – please pass on to your members soonest.

An update on the Easter virtual training. 

We had more people register interest in multiple themes than anticipated, so have rearranged slightly in order to allow people to attend more than one theme. Timetabling still means you can’t necessarily attend everything, but we hope that you’ll be able to find time to attend some of the sessions. They are intended to be interactive, so make sure you bring those questions you’ve always wanted answering. The timetable can be seen below.

For the Towers, Knowledge Base, First Steps and Plain Methods you will need to register, using the links below, and state which theme you are interested in. This is so that we can assign you to the breakout room for the course you wish to attend. 

If you have not expressed interest so far, there is still time to register for the different sessions. 

Wed 31st MarchSaturday 3rd April
6:30 pm10 am5 pm7:30 pm
Towers 1All about Ropes & StaysFirst Steps 1 Calling call changes & Ropesight Towers 2Inspection & MaintenanceFirst Methods Plain Bob doubles (plain courses & touches)
Knowledge Base 1Higher NumbersPlain Methods: Plain Bob Minor, Little Bob Minor & touchesKnowledge Base 2Learning Methods 
Register here: here: here: link:
Wed 7th AprilSat 10th April
6:30 pm10 am5 pm7:30 pm
Towers 3Towers & bellframesFirst Steps Listening & Striking; Plain Hunt; Ringing up & downTowers 4RestorationsFirst Methods Grandsire Doubles (plain course & touches)
Knowledge Base 3Universal TouchesPlain Methods St Clements, Single Oxford and moreKnowledge Base 4 Terminology and Place Notation 
Register here: here: here: link:

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Helen Allton

Secretary: Peterborough Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers




telephone: 01832 735266