Ringing is (nearly) ready to return…are you?

Dear friends,
Whilst there is currently no change in the rules to celebrate, the end of restrictions is in sight!

As I am sure you know, from 17th May a version of the “rule of six” will be recommended for indoor activities. This is likely to allow some ringing to recommence. We are still awaiting clarification about social distancing rules that will apply and for how long we will be allowed to ring. In addition this stage of the restart is likely to involve individual tower’s own risk assessments in consultation with their incumbent. From 21st June a full resumption of ringing activities is currently expected.

As part of preparations for this return, I have been in touch with as many tower captains as I could reach in the branch. I am happy to report that the practices that were regularly being held prior to Covid are feeling confident that they have the experienced ringers available to be able to meet your needs as you regain your confidence.

I would love to hear from you, particularly if you have any misgivings about restarting so that support can be arranged. This link will allow you to tell me what you think about barriers to restarting https://forms.gle/kkuxxfpYTZmFjZmC8


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