Opportunities for ringing

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Helen has forwarded details of a series of sessions about returning to ringing. The first session is tonight at 19.30, culminating in an online beer tasting on Friday 14 May at 19.30. St Martin’s Guild then holds a Training Day on Saturday 15 May. In all cases, individuals will need to register if planning to attend.

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Helen’s text:

To: Branch Chair, secretary, treasurer – please forward to members. 

There are any number of opportunities to discover ideas on how to approach a return to ringing in your tower. 

Currently running is the series run by ART and CCCBR. These can be accessed via the Ringing World’s virtual hub. https://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/virtual-hub.php You need to register to attend each one that interests you. The online beer tasting is hosted by a professional brewer. 

Monday10thMay19:30 Association of Ringing Teachers — Managing expectations 
Tuesday11thMay19:30 Association of Ringing Teachers — Attracting and keeping ringers 
19:30 Association of Ringing Teachers — Holding a successful practice 
Thursday13thMay19:30 Association of Ringing Teachers — Developing a ringing cluster 
Friday14thMay19:30 Association of Ringing Teachers — Online beer tasting hosted by Hayley Young 
Sunday16thMay16:00 Association of Ringing Teachers — Ringing schools – town and country 

Coming up later in the month, the St Martin’s Guild is holding a series of talks on the 15th May. The flier is attached and should be available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16N3Do9DkChgZhcCqDVlbxKT3nuDKuwah/view  Again, there is a need to register, the link is https://forms.gle/vaonGSxXa95bsFi56

You may have seen the latest advice from the Central Council with respect to ringing in towers that are less well ventilated. They suggest use of a specialist CO2 meter. These are not trivial to obtain and are not cheap, so it is not suggested that each tower invest in one. The Guild will look at supporting purchases through branches, so that there are some available to towers that wish to test their ventilation. We will be in touch with branches to discuss further. https://cccbr.org.uk/2021/05/07/carbon-dioxide-monitoring/

And later this month is the closing date for the Westley award for church bell maintenance. Further information and a nomination form can be found here: https://cccbr.org.uk/about/workgroups/stewardship-and-management/westley-award-2021/

Just need to see what is announced this week with respect to restrictions and the 17th May. Fingers crossed.